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RPM-for-Unix HOW-TO

Al Dev (Alavoor Vasudevan) alavoor[AT]yahoo.com

v1.7, 12 Feb 2002

This document will help you to setup Redhat RPM program on various Unix operating systems like Solaris, AIX, Irix, HPUX and many others. The information in this document applies to all flavors of Unix like - Solaris, HPUX, AIX, SCO, Sinix, BSD, NetBSD, Apple Macintosh (which is BSD), UnixWare, etc.. and may be useful to other operating systems (MS Windows 2000) which support "C" compiler.

1. Introduction

2. Install RPM

3. BerkeleyDB and gcc

4. Compiling RPM

5. Using RPM

6. Installing 8000 RPMs

7. Create gcc RPM Package

8. Use Debian Packages - Convert deb to rpm

9. Convert RPM to Solaris Package rpm2pkg

10. Related URLs

11. Other Formats of this Document

12. Copyright

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