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8. Document History

v0.8 9th November 2000 Changed from Rich Payne <rdp@alphalinux.org>

  • Added section on SRM Device names

  • Many spelling/grammer fixes.

v0.7.1 6th November 2000 Changes from Peter Petrakis <ppetrakis@alphalinux.org>

  • Cleaned up netbooting section. Avoid duplicate information.

  • Added DHCP/BOOTP server configuration section.

  • Added SRM netbooting section.

  • Put the older bootpd configuration in it's own section and elaborated on it.

v0.7 10th July 2000 Changes from Rich Payne <rdp@alphalinux.org>

  • Updated for RedHat 6.2

  • Fixed aboot link for alphalinux.org and added CVS information.

  • Added additional netboot information from Peter Petrakis <ppetrakis@alphalinux.org>

v0.6.1 21 March 2000 Changes from Rich Payne <rdp@alphalinux.org>

  • Made the installation hints a new chapter

  • Added information on Netbooting

  • Added to the new section on RedHat 6.1 and BSD disklabels

  • Removed David Mosberger-Tang's name from the authors list

  • Marked a few of the feature as being in 0.6 only

  • Added info for SuSE 6.3 and RedHat 6.1

v0.6 3 March 2000 Changes and information from David Huggins-Daines <dhd@linuxcare.com>

  • Moved the notes on MILO vs. SRM to an "About this document" section

  • Added sections on switching to SRM, and basic SRM usage

  • Added section on the new interactive use of aboot

  • Updated the note on DOS partition tables to mention the Red Hat 6.1 installer's behavior.

  • Normalized the markup, and codified the conventions used for user-entered commands.

  • Corrected the notes on BSD disklabels (SRM does not read BSD disklabels, it's just that they don't conflict with the boot block).

v0.5.2 5 December 1999 Added comments and information from Stig Telfer (stig @ alpha-processor.com).

  • Added chart on SRM to Linux name mappings

  • Added RedHat 6.0 and SuSE 6.1 installation information

  • Added Disk Partitioning Information

v0.5.1 (Not Released) 13 November 1999 Took the original 0.5 document and updated several parts:

  • Update information on SRM booting from IDE devices

  • Fixed URL to aboot source

  • Update toc page to reflect MILO's future

  • Included information on bootdef_dev and boot_dev to chapter 3

  • Added this section

v0.5 17 August 1996 - Original Document by David Mosberger-Tang