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SRM Device Naming

3. SRM Device Naming

3.1. The First Two Letter

The following is based on the example device dkb1. taken from a Digital Server 3300 (Whitebox version of an AS800).

Two letter port or class driver designator:

  • DR: RAID set device

  • DV: Floppy Drive

  • EW: Ethernet port (TULIP, DEC 21040)

  • EI: Ethernet port (Intel 82557 or 82559)

  • PK: SCSI port (controller)

  • DK: SCSI disk

  • MK: SCSI tape

  • PU: DSSI port

  • DU: DSSI disk

  • MU: DSSI tape

  • JK: SCSI monitor (or robot)

  • DQ: (E)IDE Device (disk or CD-ROM)

3.2. The Rest Of The Device Name

  • b-> adapter ID (one letter adapter designator)

  • 1->Device number (SCSI unit numbers are forced to 100x Node ID)

  • 2->Bus Node ID

  • 3->Channel Number

  • 4->Channel Number (used for multi-channel devices)

  • 5->Logical Slot number

    • EISA: they correspond to the physical slot numbers (1-3)

    • PCI:

      • slot 5= SCSI controller on system backplane (DS3300)

      • slot 6= On board VGA (DS3300)

      • slot 7= PCI to EISA bridge chip (DS3300)

      • slots 11 - 14 = Correspond to Physical PCI option slots: PCI11, PCI12, PCI13 and PCI14 (64bit) (DS3300)

  • 6->Hose number: 0 PCI_0 (32bit PCI); 1 EISA (DS3300)