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16. References and Further Reading

BORLAND C++ TOOLS AND UTILITIES GUIDE, Borland International, 1992,
pp. 9-42.
[One of the manuals distributed with Borland C++, ver. 3.1. Gives
a fairly good intro to make syntax and concepts, using Borland's
crippled implementation for DOS.]

DuBois, Paul: SOFTWARE PORTABILITY WITH IMAKE, O'Reilly and Associates,
1996, ISBN 1-56592-226-3.
[This is reputed to be the definitive imake reference, though I did not
have it available when writing this article.]

Frisch, Aeleen: ESSENTIAL SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION (2nd ed.), O'Reilly and
Associates, 1995, ISBN 1-56592-127-5.
[This otherwise excellent sys admin handbook has only sketchy coverage
of software building.]

Hekman, Jessica: LINUX IN A NUTSHELL, O'Reilly and Associates, 1997, ISBN
[Good all-around reference to Linux commands.]

Lehey, Greg: PORTING UNIX SOFTWARE, O'Reilly and Associates, 1995, ISBN

Mayer, Herbert G.: ADVANCED C PROGRAMMING ON THE IBM PC, Windcrest Books,
1989, ISBN 0-8306-9363-7.
[An idea-filled book for the intermediate to advanced C programmer.
Superb coverage of algorithms, quirks of the language, and even
amusements.  Unfortunately, out of print.]

Mui, Linda and Valerie Quercia: X USER TOOLS, O'Reilly and Associates,
1994, ISBN 1-56592-019-8, pp. 734-760.

Oram, Andrew and Steve Talbott: MANAGING PROJECTS WITH MAKE, O'Reilly
and Associates, 1991, ISBN 0-937175-90-0.

Peek, Jerry and Tim O'Reilly and Mike Loukides: UNIX POWER TOOLS,
O'Reilly and Associates / Random House, 1997, ISBN 1-56592-260-3.
[A wonderful source of ideas, and tons of utilities you may end up
building from the source code, using the methods discussed in
this article.]

Stallman, Richard M. and Roland McGrath: GNU MAKE, Free Software
Foundation, 1995, ISBN 1-882114-78-7.
[Required reading.]

Waite, Mitchell, Stephen Prata, and Donald Martin: C PRIMER PLUS, Waite Group 
Press, ISBN 0-672-22090-3,.
[Probably the best of the introductions to C programming.  Extensive
coverage for a primer.  Newer editions now available.]

Welsh, Matt and Lar Kaufman: RUNNING LINUX, O'Reilly and Associates,
1996, ISBN 1-56592-151-8.
[Still the best overall Linux reference, though lacking in depth
in some areas.]

The man pages for dpkg, gcc, gzip, imake, ldconfig, ldd, make, nm, patch,
rpm, shar, strip, tar, termcap, terminfo, and xmkmf.

The BZIP2 HOWTO, by David Fetter.

The Glibc2 HOWTO, by Eric Green

The LINUX ELF HOWTO, by Daniel Barlow.

The RPM HOWTO, by Donnie Barnes.

The StarOffice miniHOWTO, by Matthew Borowski.

[These HOWTOs should be in the /usr/doc/HOWTO or /usr/doc/HOWTO/mini directory on your system. Updated versions are available in text, HTML, and SGML format from the LDP site, and usually from the respective authors' home sites.]

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