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5. Conclusion and Outlook

If you have installed msql-2 on your system then you can have a look at the sample programs written in Lite, msql-2's own scripting language.

Either version of msql comes with a basic set of administration tools which allow the user to create and drop tables (msqladmin) and examine database structures (relshow).

The second generation msql (i.e. msql-2) has a few more genuinely useful utilities: msqlimport and msqlexport. These allow the dumping of flat line data files into and out of the SQL database. They can be used for loading quantities of existing data d'un coup into existing tables, or extract flat data from tables, and the user does not have to deal with writing a single line of perl or SQL or whatever code for this task.

If you want to write your own perl scripts dealing with databases you'll find sufficient support in the example files and the extensive on-line documentation that comes with the DBI module.

Anyway, you are now ready to go and present your data to the users of your own network, or even the WWW.

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