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2. Getting bzip2

Bzip2's home page is at The UK home site. The United States mirror site is here.

2.1 Bzip2-HOWTO in your language

French speakers may wish to refer to Arnaud Launay's French documents. The web version is here, and you can use ftp here Arnaud can be contacted by electronic mail at this address

Japanese speakers may wish to refer to Tetsu Isaji's Japanese documents here. Isaji can be reached at his home page, or by electronic mail at this address.

Swedish speakers may wish to refer to Linus √kerlund's Swedish documents here. Linus can be reached by electronic mail at this address.

2.2 Getting bzip2 precompiled binaries

See the home sites.

2.3 Getting bzip2 sources

They come from the Official sites (see Getting Bzip2 for where.

2.4 Compiling bzip2 for your machine

If you have gcc 2.7.*, change the line that reads

CFLAGS = -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer -funroll-loops


CFLAGS = -O2 -fomit-frame-pointer

that is, replace -O3 with -O2 and drop the -funroll-loops. You may also wish to add any -m* flags (like -m486, for example) you use when compiling kernels.

Avoiding -funroll-loops is the most important part, since this will cause many gcc 2.7's to generate wrong code, and all gcc 2.7's to generate slower and larger code. For other compilers (lcc, egcs, gcc 2.8.x) the default CFLAGS are fine.

After that, just make it and install it per the README.

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