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7. etc

7.1 preface

This document was initially written as part of a small debate in the linux-greek-users list , whether linux can make coffee or not. It has been an article in our beautiful online magazine about Linux called magaz. Remember, that magaz is greek it will look like that to you.

7.2 Authorship and maintenance

My name is Fotis Georgatos and I have also been in the past busy with the greek documentation and wwwpages maintainance. I welcome submissions to this HOWTO, as long as you're not anxious about the changes.

I'm Annie Pinder and a coffee fan. I live in England. I made the language changes on this document. I'm currently in the English equivalent of High School, in my final compulsory year.

7.3 Copyrights

The casual copyright with everything you get with linux... To find it, you'll have to read all of HOWTOs and average out the most common. Otherwise, no, you cannot copy it.

7.4 Credits

  • Ethiopia: Identified as the originating country of coffee. As many people corrected, coffee did not originally come from America nor was brought by Christofer Colombus. It was popular in the Middle East long before America was discovered. Still, we can remember Cristobal Colon, as the person who brought tobacco and chocolate in Europe.
  • Kostas Lialiambis is the one who dared saying that he can't make coffee with his Linux box.
  • Panagiotis Vrionis, Yannakopoulos Haralambos, for giving me interesting and humorous notes.
  • NUMEROUS people on the internet with additions and remarks.

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