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9. Acknowledgements

This document was written as internal documentation for the DYNACAN project, as part of the project's continuing development under the control of the Ministry of Human Resources Development Canada.

This document has benefited considerably from the suggestions of

  • Rod Smith ( rodsmith@rodsbooks.com), who suggested I provide details on registering a domain name and on setting up with a dynamic IP, and pointed me at the various dynamic IP hosting services and at Granite Canyon.
  • Greg Leblanc ( gleblanc@my-deja.com) for useful suggestions on improving the clarity of the document.
  • Sami Yousif ( syousif@iname.com).
  • Marc-André Dumas ( m_a_dumas@hotmail.com), who suggested the section on moving your domain to a new IP number.
  • Osamu Aoki ( aoki@pacbell.net).
  • Joao Ribeiro <(url url="mailto:sena@decoy.ath.cx" name="sena@decoy.ath.cx">).

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