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Acquisition/Installation of GRASS4.13 Binaries

A. Acquisition/Installation of GRASS4.13 Binaries

This appendix describes how to acquire and install Linux binaries for GRASS4.13 (the 3rd update to the last full release of GRASS, version 4.1).

How to get these files:

ftp moon.cecer.army.mil
login: anonymous
password: your email address
cd pub/grass/grass4.1/release/binaries/linux
mget grassa*

Installation instructions:
* GRASS 4.1 Update 3 for Linux
* This package contains GRASS programs only, *NO* GIS
* data is included.  You can find example GRASS data at
* moon.cecer.army.mil
* Compiled by: Andy Burnett - burnett@zorro.cecer.army.mil
* compiled on: April 7, 1994

System Requiremnts:

        35 MB disk space to hold the binary distribution

System library requirements:

        libc4.5.21 or greater

        libX.so.3.1.0 or greater

If you are running libraries that are older than these, this binary
distribution will *NOT* run on your linux system.

Files in this release:

        README_4.1.3            what you are currently reading
        ginstall                simple grass installation script
        grassaa --------|
        grassab         |
        grassac         |
        grassad         |
        grassae         |--     the linux GRASS binaries
        grassaf         |
        grassag         |
        grassah         |
        grassai         |
        grassaj         |
        grassak --------|


        To install this binary distribution of grass for linux, you 
can simply run the ginstall script or you can unpack the files by 
hand.  I recommend using the ginstall script ... it's very simple and 
should be bullet proof.  To run the ginstall script, you will need 
gawk (gnu awk) installed on your system and it needs to be in your 

If, however, you want to do things by hand, here's what you need to 

o  make the destination directory (/usr/grass, /usr/local/grass,
   whatever)  This will become your GISBASE for grass.

********************* LOOK HERE **************************************
from here on, replace $GISBASE with the name of the directory you just
********************* LOOK HERE **************************************

o  cat grassa? | gzip -d | (cd $GISBASE; tar xvf -)
   This will unpack all the grass binaries into the $GISBASE directory

o  copy $GISBASE/etc/moncap.sample to $GISBASE/etc/monitorcap and edit
o  change all occurrences of GBASE in that file to $GISBASE
o  copy $GISBASE/etc/grass4.1 into a public directory (I suggest
o  edit the copy you just made: 
   change all occurrences of GBASE to $GISBASE