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IRC Bouncers (IRC Proxy)

8. IRC Bouncers (IRC Proxy)

8.1. bnc

Maintainer: None ?

IRC Channel: None ?

bnc is the original bouncer.

You can get the latest version of bnc from LinuxBerg.

8.2. muh

Maintainer: Sebastian Kienzl ()

IRC Channel: None ?

muh is a smart and versatile irc-bouncing tool that will also go on IRC as soon as it's launched, guarding or attempting to get your nick.

You can get the latest version of muh from http://mind.riot.org/muh/download.rt. Homepage at http://mind.riot.org/muh/.

8.3. ezbounce

Maintainer: Murat Deligönül ()

IRC Channel: None ?

ezbounce's basic features include password protection, remote administration, logging and listening on multiple ports.

You can get the latest version of ezbounce from his Homepage at http://druglord.freelsd.org/ezbounce/.