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IRC Servers

6. IRC Servers

6.1. IRCD

Maintainer: ircd developers()

IRC Channel: #ircd on IRCnet

The original IRC daemon, mainly used by IRCnet.

You can get the latest version of IRCD from ftp://ftp.irc.org/irc/server/. Homepage at http://www.irc.org/.

6.2. IRCD-Hybrid

Maintainer: ()

IRC Channel: None ?

Mainly used by EFNet.

You can get the latest version of IRCD-Hybrid from ftp://ftp.blackened.com/pub/irc/hybrid/. Homepage at http://www.ircd-hybrid.net/.

6.3. ircu

Maintainer: Undernet Coder Committee ()

IRC Channel: #ircu on Undernet

Mainly used by Undernet.

You can get the latest version of ircu from ftp://ftp.coder-com.undernet.org/ircu/. Homepage at http://coder-com.undernet.org/.

6.4. Bahamut

Maintainer: DALnet Coding Team ()

IRC Channel: #Bahamut on DALnet

Based on DreamForge and Hybrid, Bahamut is the DALnet server.

You can get the latest version of Bahamut from http://bahamut.dal.net/download/. Homepage at http://bahamut.dal.net/.