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1. Introduction

Although the documentation found in Lilo's sources (the one installed in /usr/doc/lilo-version) is very comprehensive, most Linux users experience some trouble in building their own /etc/lilo.conf file. This document is meant to support them by giving the minimal information and by showing five sample installations:

  • The first example is the classical ``Linux and other'' installation.
  • The next one shows how to install Lilo on a hard drive connected as /dev/hdc that will boot as /dev/hda. This is usually needed when you install a new Linux drive from your own running system. This also tells how to boot from SCSI disks when your BIOS is modern enough.
  • The third example shows how to boot a Linux system whose root partition can't be accessed by the BIOS.
  • The next sample file is used to access huge disks, that neither the BIOS nor DOS can access easily (this one is somehow outdated).
  • The last example shows how to restore a damaged disk, if the damage resulted from installing another operating system).

The last three examples are by Cameron, cls@truffula.sj.ca.us, who wrote the original document. Alessandro rubini@linux.it doesn't run anything but Linux, so he can't check nor update them by himself. Needless to say, any feedback is welcome.

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