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Burning Your CD

3. Burning Your CD

There are many programs to create CDs from WAV files. I use cdrecord for command-line burning and XCDROAST for gui. For cdrecord, you have to know what SCSI device your CD-writer is. If you're using ATAPI writer, use SCSI emulation (kernel module ide-scsi). Let's assume, that your ATAPI cdwriter is on the second IDE bus as a master. Thus, it will have /dev/hdc device file. To instruct the kernel that you want to treat it as a SCSI device, add the following line to /etc/lilo.conf:

     append=" hdc=ide-scsi"

Also, if your kernel doesn't automatically load ide-scsi module, add insmod ide-scsi into your rc.local (or equivalent) file. Once you have our CD-writer recognized as a SCSI device, run cdrecord --scanbus to find out what's the "dev" parameter to cdrecord. On my system, the output looks like the following:

     1,0,0 100) 'IOMEGA ' 'ZIP 250 ' '51.G' Removable Disk
     1,1,0 101) 'HP ' 'CD-Writer+ 7100 ' '3.01' Removable CD-ROM

So, the cdrecord command line will contain dev=1,1,0 to specify the device. Here is the complete command on my system:

     cdrecord dev=1,1,0 -eject speed=2 -pad -audio *.wav


The -pad argument is neccessary, because all audio tracks on the CD must be adjusted for the proper data length, which is not always the case with mp3 files.