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7. Miscellaneous

7.1 Supported Terminals

I have been told that this procedures in this document work (more or less) with the following terminals: NCD 19r, NCD 19c, NCD19m?, NCD 15b, NCD MCX

7.2 Reference

Unix man pages: bootpd(8), tftpd(8), bootptab(5), xdm(1x), xfs(1), fsinfo(1), xset(1), inetd(8)

Linux Ethernet HOWTO document, Linux Net-3 (Networking) HOWTO document

NCDware System Administrator's Guide for UNIX Systems (print version)

NCD Techtips Archive

Now available for download in the NCD Techtips Archive is the NCDware Reference Manual which covers almost every X terminal configuration issue in detail.

The searchable NCD knowledge base addresses some frequently asked questions as well as bug reports.

Note that the above links are subject to change. Since the first version of this mini-HOWTO was published, the NCD web site has been extensively reorganized.

7.3 Equipment used in the preparation of this document

X terminal: NCD model NCD19r with 19 monochrome monitor 1280x1024 8M RAM

X server software: NCDware V3.2.CV 19r_s

Remote Host: IBM Cyrix 686 P150+ running Slackware (Linux kernel version 2.0.31)

Remote Host: IBM Cyrix M2 200 MMX running Red Hat 5.0 (Linux kernel version 2.0.32)

Network Card: 10 base T Ethernet card (ne 2000 clone) and 8 port hub

Font server version 2 release number 6300

7.4 Acknowledgments

I would like to thank Michael de Lind van Wijngaarden, Jamal Hadi-Salim and Dwight Hodge for assistance in the preparation of this document.

7.5 Outstanding Issues

  • Is it possible or wise to start the font server using inetd?
  • If the remote host running the font server is powered down but later comes up again, with the font server active, the X terminal may fail to retrieve its fonts. The font path entry has to be re-entered with the console menu or xset. Why?
  • Are the procedures for other models of X terminals roughly similar?
  • What is the procedure to boot the X terminal using NFS (Network File System) or RARP (Reverse Address Resolution Protocol)?
  • The following messages appear in the X terminal Console. I am suspicious that they come from xfree86 extensions to X which are not part of the X terminal server. Can someone confirm or deny this?
    %XSERVER-I-NEWCLIENT, host "localhost" connected with blank authorization
    %XSERVER-W-NOEXTENSION, client attempted to use non-existent extension "BIG-REQUESTS"
    %XSERVER-W-NOEXTENSION, client attempted to use non-existent extension "XKEYBOARD"
    %XSERVER-W-NOEXTENSION, client attempted to use non-existent extension "XFree86-Misc"
  • Could Linux be ported to an X terminal? This is almost a joke question but Linux is already on some unlikely platforms.

7.6 Feedback

Please write to ian at permedia.ca with any comments, questions, corrections, suggestions or contributions. Many thanks to all who have written with feedback and additional information.

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