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3. Reconfigure the kernel.

You're supposed to already know how to configure and compile the kernel, otherwise you must get some doc (kernel-howto or other guides). Thanks to the cool work made by the kernel guys, recompiling the last kernels is a really easy jobs also for "common" people, so just do it. Anyway, for the sake of completeness, here is a quick summary of what you must do:

NOTE: I suppose you are using the 2.0.xx kernel series. Now there is no need to keep the 1.2.xx kernels. There are no istructions about the 2.1.xx kernel series, since they are for development.

I will suppose that you use menuconfig to set up the kernel options, but the other tools are equivalent. I'll show how to do it with menuconfig:

#make menuconfig

I strongly advice to select

Loadable module support  --->

and enable the

[*] Enable loadable module support

and, if possible (i.e. you have modules.2.0.0) the

[*] Kernel daemon support (e.g. autoload of modules)

Then go back and choose

Networking options  --->

where you should choose at least

[*] Network firewalls
[*] TCP/IP networking
[*] IP: forwarding/gatewaying

The go back and choose at least

[*] Network device support
<M> PLIP (parallel port) support

If you use modules I definitely advice you to set up PLIP as a module. If you do so you can also, if you need to use a printer, go to

Character devices  --->

and set up as a module the

<M> Parallel printer support

Now you have enabled the kernel support for PLIP. If it's the first time that you compile the kernel look at all the other options then save and exit.

Finally compile with

#make dep ; make clean
#make zlilo

And, if you use modules

# make modules 
# make modules_install

Now reboot your system.

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