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3. Installing the software

The easiest way to install RPM is to use Slackware's native package manager.

You must be root to install RPM.

        installpkg /home/dave/rpm-2.4.12-1.i386.tar.gz

Of course, replace the /home/dave with the correct path for the filename.

(NOTE!) If that fails, simply untar the file with these commands:

        cd / ; tar zxvpf /home/dave/rpm-2.4.12-1.i386.tar.gz

Next, you have to create a directory called "rpm" under the /var/lib tree.

mkdir /var/lib/rpm

Now type 'rpm --initdb' to initialize the rpm database.

If everything has gone correctly up to this point, you will have a rpm-capable system! Test it out by grabbing any rpm file and installing it with 'rpm -Uvh filename.rpm'

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