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2. Obtaining the StarOffice Office Suite

The release of StarOffice 3.1 for Linux is available for FTP at


The file README.StarOffice contains information on downloading StarOffice 3.1 final. You will need to get three files:

  • StarOffice31-english.tar.gz (english) templates/demo docs or
  • StarOffice31-german.tar.gz (german) templates/demo docs
  • StarOffice31-dynbin.tar.tgz (dynamically linked) or
  • StarOffice31-statbin.tar.gz (statically linked) binaries
  • StarOffice31-common.tar.gz

There is also version of StarOffice, available from Caldera. Check their website at

for details on this. Caldera also makes a StarOffice CD-ROM available for $ 7.99 US.

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