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Test the System

7. Test the System

First, make sure Apache and Sybase are started:

    # /usr/local/apache/bin/apachectl start
    # /opt/sybase/install/rc.sybase start

Now go to the directory /usr/local/apache/htdocs. Create a file called test.php and insert the following contents:

                $con = sybase_connect("SYBASE", "sa", "");
                $qry = sybase_query("select * from titles", $con);

                echo sybase_result($qry, 1, 1);


Save the file and then access the following URL in your browser:


If you see some text, then congratulations! You have a complete Linux/Apache/PHP/Sybase-ASE installation. If not...well, there you go. Make sure you actually have installed the pubs2 database. If you are not sure, try running:

        # isql -Usa -P < /opt/sybase/scripts/installpubs2

Email me if you have any problems, corrections (please!) or additions, but please do not email me unless you have tried everything in this howto! Thanks.