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1. Introduction

This document is maintained by Dave Whitinger ( dave@linuxtoday.com). Please mail me with any questions or ideas you have regarding this HOWTO.

This document will attempt to describe the following four things:

  1. Installing the TkRat E-Mail program.
  2. Downloading mail from an Internet Service Provider.
  3. Reading, storing, and sending mail
  4. Sorting the mail into folders

The document assumes that you are running Linux with the X Window System, have already established a connection to an Internet Service Provider, and have a POP account with that provider.

Disclaimer: All usual disclaimers apply. The author cannot be held responsible for any (mis)use of the information given here. This document does not attempt to be authoritative in any way. The author voluntarily creates this document seperately from any entity with which he may be involved with. By reading this document, you agree to cause the author no grief or trouble. :)

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