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7. For More Information

Software Development Corporation is the developer of WordPerfect for UNIX. Corel has outsourced the development of WordPerfect for UNIX to SDC. I have been in touch with the SDC product manager for WP for LINUX and he has been very helpful (I have provided him with a review copy of this document).

        Software Development Corporation
        512 East 1860 South
        Provo, Utah 84606 USA

        Phone: (801) 370-9600 
        Fax: (801) 370-9696 
        Email: info@sdcorp.com 

WWW: http://www.sdcorp.com/wpunix.html

Corel Corporation is the new owner of WordPerfect, having purchased it from Novell. They develop and market excellent products such as Corel Draw and WordPerfect.

        Corel Corporation
        Ottawa, Ontario, CA

        Technical Support (WP UNIX): (801) 765-4019 
WWW: http://www.corel.com

< Caldera Corporation sells WordPerfect 6.0 for Caldera Network Desktop (CND) for $129.99 (WordPerfect and Motif Bundle). Note, at this time, I have no information on if Caldera is planning to sell WP 7.0.

        Caldera, Inc.
      633 South 550 East
      Provo, Utah 84606 USA

        (888) GO LINUX
        (801) 377=7687
WWW: http://www.caldera.com

As a last resort, email me at whampton@staffnet.com.

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