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8. Credits

Thanks to the following people who have provided advice, errata, and examples for this document.

Paul D. Smith <psmith@BayNetworks.COM> and Christophe Martin <cmartin@ipnl.in2p3.fr> both pointed out that I had the quotes the wrong way round in the bash $PROMPT_COMMAND. Getting them right means variables are expanded dynamically.

Paul D. Smith <psmith@BayNetworks.COM> suggested the use of \[...\] in the bash prompt for embedding non-printing characters.

Christophe Martin <cmartin@ipnl.in2p3.fr> provided the solution for ksh.

Keith Turner <keith@silvaco.com> supplied the escape sequences for Sun cmdtool and shelltool.

Jean-Albert Ferrez <ferrez@dma.epfl.ch> pointed out some inconsistencies in the use of "PWD" and "$PWD", and in the use of "\" vs "\\".

Bob Ellison <papillo@hpellis.fc.hp.com> and Jim Searle <jims@broadcom.com> tested dtterm on HP-UX.

Teng-Fong Seak <seak@drfc.cad.cea.fr> suggested the -s option for hostname, use of `pwd`, and use of echo under csh.

Trilia <trilia@nmia.com> suggested examples in other languages.

Brian Miller <bmiller@telstra.com.au> supplied the escape sequences and examples for hpterm.

Lenny Mastrototaro <lenny@click3x.com> explained the Irix terminals' use of xterm escape sequences.

Paolo Supino <paolo@init.co.il> suggested the use of \\$ in the bash prompt.

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