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APT Cache Specification

The APT Cache Specification describes the complete implementation and format of the APT Cache file. The APT Cache file is a way for APT to parse and store a large number of package files for display in the UI. It's primary design goal is to make display of a single package in the tree very fast by pre-linking important things like dependencies and provides. The specification doubles as documentation for one of the in-memory structures used by the package library and the APT GUI.
APT Design Document

The APT Design Document is an overview of the specifications and design goals of the APT project. It also attempts to give a broad descriptiontion of the implementation as well.
APT Files

The APT Files document describes the complete implementation and format of the installed APT directory structure. It also serves as guide to how APT views the Debian archive.
APT Method Interface

The APT Method Interface document describes the interface that APT uses to the archive access methods.
DPkg Technical Manual

The DPkg Technical Manual gives an overview of dpkg's external functions and describes how it views the world.
MikMod Sound Library

This manual documents the MikMod Sound Library, version 3.1.10. It covers a tutorial for using the library and a detailed library reference.
PGPLOT Subroutine Descriptions

This document includes a list of all the PGPLOT subroutines, and then gives detailed instructions for the use of each routine in Fortran programs. The subroutine descriptions are in alphabetical order.
Packaging Linux kernel patches for Debian with dh

This document describes a debhelper add-on mechanism that allows consistent packaging of various kinds of Linux kernel patches.
libglade reference manual

This manual documents libglade, a library to build graphical interfaces at runtime from .glade files.

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