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Debian html-helper-mode Manual

This manual describes what html-helper-mode is and how it can be used to edit HTML files in various incarnations of Emacs.

Gedit is a light-weight text editor.
Mailcrypt: An Emacs interface to the GNU Privacy

Mailcrypt is an Emacs Lisp package which provides a simple but powerful interface to cryptographic functions for mail and news. . With Mailcrypt, encryption becomes a seamlessly integrated part of your mail and news handling environment. Mailcrypt can automatically fetch public keys to encode, decode, and verify messages, and can be configured to automate mailing through anonymous remailers. . Although Mailcrypt may be used to process data in arbitrary Emacs buffers, it is most useful in conjunction with other Emacs packages for handling mail and news. Mailcrypt has specialized support for Rmail, VM, MH-E, and Gnus.
PSGML: A Emacs major mode for SGML.

SGML is a major mode for editing SGML documents. It contains a simple SGML parser and can work with any DTD. (The most popular nowadays are the HTML DTD's. PSGML can turn your emacs into the one of most powerful HTML editors and will be ultimately flexible as well, since you could upgrade your editor by just installing new DTD's). Functions provided includes menus and commands for inserting tags with only the contextually valid tags, identification of structural errors, editing of attribute values in a separate window with information about types and defaults, and structure based editing. SGML, a language for encoding the structure of a document, is an ISO standard: ISO 8879:1986 'Information processing - Text and office systems - Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML)'.
css-mode documentation

This briefly documents css-mode, a Cascading Style Sheets editing mode for Emacs.

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