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DocBook DSSSL Stylesheet Documentation

Documentation for the Modular DocBook stylesheets, as found in the 'docbook-dsssl' package.
DocBook XSL Stylesheet Documentation

Reference material for stylesheet parameters and templates. Included is a brief introduction to XSL and instructions for using the stylesheets with some common XSLT processors.
Documentation for the DocBook DTD

The DocBook DTD was developed specifically for computer software documentation, that is, user manuals and programming references. . This set of documentation includes the following titles: - Overview of the DocBook DTD - User's Guide for the DocBook DTD - Guide to the DocBook DTD - Reference for the DocBook DTD - Customizer's Guide for the DocBook DTD . More up to date information is available online from The documentation available from there is not freely distributable.
Expat XML Parser

This manual describes the Expat XML Parser library.
Gnome XSLT Library Reference Manual

This manual documents the interfaces of the libxslt library and has some short notes to help get you up to speed with using the library.
Ispell V3.1

This manual describes how to use ispell, as well as a little about its implementation.
Jade Users Manual

Users manual and documentation for Jade. Jade is an implementation of the DSSSL style language. This allows you to flexibly format SGML and XML data to media-specific back-ends, including TeX, RTF, and other XML or SGML files.
SP Users Manual

Users manual and documentation for the SP SGML management suite. This package includes an entire suite of high-quality tools to parse, validate, and normalize SGML and XML files.
aspell: a more intelligent ispell

This manual describes how use aspell.

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