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libstdc++-v3 Source Documentation

documentation overview

There are two types of documentation for libstdc++-v3. One is the distribution documentation, which can be read here.

The other is the source documentation, of which this is the first page.

generating this file

This page is automatically generated. The Makefile rule make doxygen in the libstdc++-v3 build directory generates these pages using a tool called, appropriately enough, doxygen. To learn more about doxygen, take a look at the doxygen webpage (Look here if the Debian doxygen package is installed).

The libstdc++-v3 configuration files needed to generate doxygen output are located:



libstdc++-v3 doxygen style guide

In general, libstdc++-v3 files should be formatted according to the GNU C++ Coding Standard rules found in the file C++STYLE. Before any doxygen-specific formatting tweaks are made, please try to make sure that the initial formatting is sound.

The formatting guidelines for using libstdc++-v3 with doxygen are still incomplete. There seems to be a marginal preference for the use of Java-Doc style formatting, with the idea that the single-line style (triple-slash) is the least intrusive mechanism for getting libstdc++-v3 documented and cross-referenced while at the same time minimizing disruption to the current formatting.

For the time being, please see include/bits/char_traits.h which is the test bed for a finished doxygen style guide.

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