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GNU Enscript Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

GNU Enscript Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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For GNU Enscript version 1.6.0

This FAQ assumes that you are using the latest version of GNU Enscript, there are many old bugs and misfeatures but many of them have been fixed for the latest version. For on-line information about the latest version, bugs, features, etc. please, check the GNU Enscript WWW home at URL: http://www.iki.fi/~mtr/genscript/.



  • Does enscript read PPD files?
    No. PPD file support is on my TODO list, I will implement in the near future.

  • What's missing / what's different in the Adobe enscript emulation?
    • Enscript's option `-o' has been changed. In enscript `-o' lists missing characters. In GNU enscript `-o' is an alias for `-p' and missing characters are listed with an option `-O'.
  • Make install installs with teh current umask. I use 077 for root, which gives all the installed directories rwx------. No good for general use...
    Makefile is just doing what it was told. Change your umask for the installation time or override INSTALL_DATA and INSTALL_PROGRAM Makefile variables.

Character Sets

Printing, Output Media

  • I printed some documents with options `-G2r', everything goes just fine but there are no page numbers in the upper right corner. What goes wrong?
    You are probably using wrong output media; your printer uses different output media than enscript. Check what is your default output media in the enscript.cfg (and $HOME/.enscriptrc) file and change it if needed. For example, to change enscript's default media A4 to Letter, you must to do the following change:
    # Default output media.
    DefaultMedia: A4
    DefaultMedia: Letter
    You can also set the default output media during the configuration step, just give configure script option


    If no media is given, it defaults to Letter.

  • How can I change margins under enscript?
    You have to define a new output media which has better margins. This is quite easy, just define the new media in enscript's configuration file. For example, below is a new `A4BigMargin' media with bigger margins:
    # Media definitions:
    #	name		width	height	llx	lly	urx	ury
    Media:	A3		839	1190	18	17	821	1173
    Media:	A4		595	839	18	17	581	822
    Media:	A5		420	595	18	17	406	578
    Media:  Letter		612	792	18	17	597	776
    Media:	Legal		612	1008	18	17	597	992
    Media:   A4BigMargin	595	839	36	34	563	805
    You can select this media by giving enscript option `-M A4BigMargin' or by setting it to be your default output media by editing enscript.cfg:
    # Default output media.
    DefaultMedia: A4
    DefaultMedia: A4BigMargin

  • Ghostscript does not show enscript's outputs correctly, what's the problem?
    There is one minor problem in enscript / ghostscript co-operation. Enscript's default output media is A4 (because I live in Europe) and GhostScript's default output media is Letter. There are three solutions for this problem:

    1. Tell Enscript that it should use the Letter media:
      $ enscript -MLetter other options and files
    2. Fix Enscript
      Add / edit following line to file enscript.cfg:
      # Default output media.
      DefaultMedia: A4
      # Default output media.
      DefaultMedia: Letter
    3. Fix GhostScript
      edit following line to file gs_init.ps:
      % Optionally choose a default paper size other than U.S. letter.
      % (a4) /PAPERSIZE where { pop pop } { /PAPERSIZE exch def } ifelse
      % Optionally choose a default paper size other than U.S. letter.
      (a4) /PAPERSIZE where { pop pop } { /PAPERSIZE exch def } ifelse
      or give ghostscript option -sPAPERSIZE=a4

  • My PostScript printer supports only level 1 PostScript. How can I setup enscript to work with it?

    The level 2 features are protected by an if-else block in the generated output file. So, basicly everything should work smoothly. But, there is a but. As a default, enscript generates the page size selection code, and it might cause a syntax error on level 1 PostScript engines. This problem is fixed by disabling the page size generation. Just edit your .enscriptrc or enscript.cfg files and add the following line:

    GeneratePageSize: 0

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