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Chapter 1. Introduction

Glade is an application for creating graphical user interfaces that use the Gtk+ and GNOME libraries. Glade allows you to rapidly develope these interfaces, and can create source code in a variety of languages that will construct the interfaces for you. Glade can also be used in conjunction with libglade to dynamically create user interfaces from the XML description file that Glade creates.

Glade can be obtained from here. Links are provided there for various package formats. Glade is also available from the GNOME CVS server. See the GNOME CVS page for more information on how to get Glade from CVS.

In order to use Glade's GNOME support, you will need to have a very recent version of GNOME, or compile Glade with --disable-gnome.

Once installed, Glade can be started from the command-line by typing glade.