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C Options

4.2. C Options

4.2.2. File Output Options

Output main.c File

Should Glade output a file, main.c, which contains a simple bootstrap? If you enabled GNOME support, it will call gnome_init(), otherwise it calls gtk_init().

Output Support Functions

Should Glade output a file, support.c, which contains utility functions for such tasks as creating a pixmap, or looking for a widget by name?

Output Build Files

Should Glade output files to support configuring your project through automake/autoconf? This option will create several files:

AUTHORS - Authorship file for contributors.
ChangeLog - Log describing changes you've made.
Makefile.am - Automake template for the project.
NEWS - Announcements for new releases.
README - Describes general information about the project.
acconfig.h - Defines default preprocessor symbols for autoconf.
autogen.sh - Script for building a configure script.
configure.in - Template for building a configure script.
macros/ - Directory containing automake macros for Glade, GNOME, etc.
stamp-h.in - Timestamp file.
src/Makefile.am - Automake template for src/ directory.