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Stow: Reporting bugs
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8. Reporting bugs

Please send bug reports to the author, Bob Glickstein, by electronic mail. The address to use is `<bobg+stow@zanshin.com>'. Please include:

  • the version number of Stow (`stow --version');

  • the version number of Perl (`perl -v');

  • the system information, which can often be obtained with `uname -a';

  • a description of the bug;

  • the precise command you gave;

  • the output from the command (preferably verbose output, obtained by adding `--verbose=3' to the Stow command line).

Before reporting a bug, please read the manual carefully, especially 9. Known bugs, and 6. Caveats, to see whether you're encountering something that doesn't need reporting, such as a "false conflict" (see section 6.3 Conflicts).

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