Traceroute help

The Traceroute tool allows you to see how packets travel in the Internet: it shows the path taken by packets between Fifi.Org and any other given host:

Host name:

The machine name (eg. or an IP address (eg. to probe.

Traces count:

The number of packet probes to send to the above host. More probes will yield increased accuracy, but the trace will take longer to complete.

Resolve host names:

Whether or not you want to find the names of the machines on the path.

Traceroute can only determine the IP addresses of the hosts on the path. By checking the Resolve host names box, Traceroute will try to find out which name matches the address. Some hosts have no names, and might still be shown as IP addresses, even if this option is active.

Once the trace is complete, you get an ordered list of hosts along with the number of times they answered, and how fast they answered to the probes.