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(reftex)Builtin Label Environments

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Builtin Label Environments

   RefTeX needs to be aware of the environments which can be referenced
with a label (i.e. which carry their own counters).  By default, RefTeX
recognizes all labeled environments and macros discussed in `The LaTeX
Companion by Goossens, Mittelbach & Samarin, Addison-Wesley 1994.'.
These are:

   - `figure', `figure*', `table', `table*', `equation', `eqnarray',
     `enumerate', the `\footnote' macro (this is the LaTeX core stuff)

   - `align', `gather', `multline', `flalign', `alignat', `xalignat',
     `xxalignat', `subequations' (from AMS-LaTeX's `amsmath.sty'

   - the `\endnote' macro (from `endnotes.sty')

   - `Beqnarray' (`fancybox.sty')

   - `floatingfig' (`floatfig.sty')

   - `longtable' (`longtable.sty')

   - `figwindow', `tabwindow' (`picinpar.sty')

   - `SCfigure', `SCtable' (`sidecap.sty')

   - `sidewaysfigure', `sidewaystable' (`rotating.sty')

   - `subfigure', `subfigure*', the `\subfigure' macro (`subfigure.sty')

   - `supertabular' (`supertab.sty')

   - `wrapfigure' (`wrapfig.sty')

   If you want to use other labeled environments, defined with
`\newtheorem', RefTeX needs to be configured to recognize them (Note:
Defining Label Environments).

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