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(reftex)Labels and References

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Labels and References

   LaTeX provides a powerful mechanism to deal with cross-references in
a document.  When writing a document, any part of it can be marked with
a label, like `\label{mark}'.  LaTeX records the current value of a
certain counter when a label is defined.  Later references to this label
(like `\ref{mark}') will produce the recorded value of the counter.

   Labels can be used to mark sections, figures, tables, equations,
footnotes, items in enumerate lists etc.  LaTeX is context sensitive in
doing this: A label defined in a figure environment automatically
records the figure counter, not the section counter.

   Several different environments can share a common counter and
therefore a common label category.  E.g.  labels in both `equation' and
`eqnarray' environments record the value of the same counter - the
equation counter.

Creating Labels
Referencing Labels
Builtin Label Environments
The environments RefTeX knows about.
Defining Label Environments
and environments it doesn't.
Reference Info
View the label corresponding to a \ref.
xr (LaTeX package)
References to external documents.
varioref (LaTeX package)
How to create \vref instead of \ref.
fancyref (LaTeX package)
How to create \fref instead of \ref.

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