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 Arbitrary labels can be placed on the plot using the `set label` command.

       set label {<tag>} {"<label_text>"} {at <position>}
                 {<justification>} {{no}rotate} {font "<name><,size>"}
       set nolabel {<tag>}
       show label

 The <position> is specified by either x,y or x,y,z, and may be preceded by
 `first`, `second`, `graph`, or `screen` to select the coordinate system.
 See `coordinates` (Note: Coordinates ) for details.

 The tag is an integer that is used to identify the label. If no <tag> is
 given, the lowest unused tag value is assigned automatically.  The tag can be
 used to delete or modify a specific label.  To change any attribute of an
 existing label, use the `set label` command with the appropriate tag, and
 specify the parts of the label to be changed.

 By default, the text is placed flush left against the point x,y,z.  To adjust
 the way the label is positioned with respect to the point x,y,z, add the
 parameter <justification>, which may be `left`, `right` or `center`,
 indicating that the point is to be at the left, right or center of the text.
 Labels outside the plotted boundaries are permitted but may interfere with
 axis labels or other text.

 If `rotate` (Note: rotate ) is given, the label is written vertically (if
 the terminal can do so, of course).

 If one (or more) axis is timeseries, the appropriate coordinate should be
 given as a quoted time string according to the `timefmt` (Note: timefmt )
 format string.  See `set xdata` (Note: xdata ) and set timefmt.

 The EEPIC, Imagen, LaTeX, and TPIC drivers allow \\ in a string to specify
 a newline.


 To set a label at (1,2) to "y=x", use:
       set label "y=x" at 1,2

 To set a Sigma of size 24, from the Symbol font set, at the center of
 the graph, use:
       set label "S" at graph 0.5,0.5 center font "Symbol,24"

 To set a label "y=x^2" with the right of the text at (2,3,4), and tag the
 label as number 3, use:
       set label 3 "y=x^2" at 2,3,4 right

 To change the preceding label to center justification, use:
       set label 3 center

 To delete label number 2, use:
       set nolabel 2

 To delete all labels, use:
       set nolabel

 To show all labels (in tag order), use:
       show label

 To set a label on a graph with a timeseries on the x axis, use, for example:
       set timefmt "%d/%m/%y,%H:%M"
       set label "Harvest" at "25/8/93",1

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