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MySQL Installation

Quick Standard Installation
Quick Standard Installation of MySQL
General Installation Issues
General Installation Issues
Installing source
Installing a MySQL source distribution
Post-installation setup and testing
Upgrading/Downgrading MySQL
Operating System Specific Notes
Operating System Specific Notes
This chapter describes how to obtain and install MySQL:

   * For a list of sites from which you can obtain MySQL, see Note:
     Getting MySQL.

   * To see which platforms are supported, see Note: Which OS. Please
     note that not all supported system are equally good for running
     MySQL on them.  On some it is much more robust and efficient than
     others - see  Note: Which OS for details.

   * Several versions of MySQL are available in both binary and source
     distributions.  We also provide public access to our current
     source tree for those who want to see our most recent developments
     and help us test new code.  To determine which version and type of
     distribution you should use, see Note: Which version. When in
     doubt, use the binary distribution.

   * Installation instructions for binary and source distributions are
     described in Note: Installing binary and Note: Installing
     source.  Each set of instructions includes a section on
     system-specific problems you may run into.

   * For post-installation procedures, see Note: Post-installation.
     These procedures apply whether you install MySQL using a binary or
     source distribution.

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