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General Information About MySQL

This is the MySQL reference manual; it documents MySQL Version
3.23.51.  As MySQL is work in progress, the manual gets updated
frequently.  There is a very good chance that this version is out of
date, unless you are looking at it online.  The most recent version of
this manual is available at `' in
many different formats.  If you have a hard time finding information in
the manual, you can try the searchable PHP version at

MySQL is a very fast, multi-threaded, multi-user, and robust SQL
(Structured Query Language) database server.

MySQL is free software.  It is licensed with the *GNU GENERAL PUBLIC
LICENSE* `'.  Note: Licensing and Support.

The MySQL home page ( provides the latest
information about MySQL.

The following list describes some useful sections of the manual:

   * For information about the company behind MySQL, see Note: What is
     MySQL AB.

   * For a discussion of MySQL's capabilities, see Note: Features.

   * For installation instructions, see Note: Installing.

   * For tips on porting MySQL to new architectures or operating
     systems, see Note: Porting.

   * For information about upgrading from a Version 3.22 release, see
     *Note Upgrading-from-3.22::.

   * For a tutorial introduction to MySQL, see Note: Tutorial.

   * For examples of SQL and benchmarking information, see the
     benchmarking directory (`sql-bench' in the distribution).

   * For a history of new features and bug fixes, see Note: News.

   * For a list of currently known bugs and misfeatures, see Note:

   * For future plans, see Note: TODO.

   * For a list of all the contributors to this project, see Note:


Reports of errors (often called bugs), as well as questions and
comments, should be sent to the mailing list at <>.
Note: Bug reports.  The `mysqlbug' script should be used to generate
bug reports.  For source distributions, the `mysqlbug' script can be
found in the `scripts' directory.  For binary distributions, `mysqlbug'
can be found in the `bin' directory. If you have found a sensitive
security bug in MySQL, you should send an email to <>.

If you have any suggestions concerning additions or corrections to this
manual, please send them to the manual team at <>.

This is a reference manual; it does not provide general instruction on
SQL or relational database concepts.  If you want general information
about SQL, see Note: General-SQL.  For books that focus more
specifically on MySQL, see Note: MySQL-Books.

MySQL, MySQL AB, and Open Source
MySQL Information Sources
MySQL Information Sources
Licensing and Support
MySQL Licensing and Support
How Standards-compatible Is MySQL?
How MySQL Compares to Other Databases
MySQL and the future (The TODO)

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