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`paste': Merge lines of files

   `paste' writes to standard output lines consisting of sequentially
corresponding lines of each given file, separated by a TAB character.
Standard input is used for a file name of `-' or if no input files are


     paste [OPTION]... [FILE]...

   The program accepts the following options.  Also see Note: Common

     Paste the lines of one file at a time rather than one line from
     each file.

`--delimiters DELIM-LIST'
     Consecutively use the characters in DELIM-LIST instead of TAB to
     separate merged lines.  When DELIM-LIST is exhausted, start again
     at its beginning.

     Terminate after encountering the first end of file.  Before each
     output line is constructed, every file is checked to make sure
     that it is not empty.  If the standard input appears multiple
     times on the command line, then it is checked only once.  This
     option only applies when `-s' is not in use.

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