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10. Chinese Linux

If you have known some projects else about Chinese Linux, please tell me about itĄD

10.1 Chinese Linux Documentation's Projects

CLDP is now abandoned itself to translating Linux HOWTO documents, locating at http://www.linux.org.tw/CLDP/. CLDP has a mailing list ldp-trans@linux.org.tw. Its purposes are:

  • Combine everyone's power to implement Linux HOWTO translations available.
  • Discuss SGML Tools of dealing with Chinese.
  • Share and maintain experience of translation for Linux HOWTO.
  • To propagate the translation projects of Linux HOWTO.
  • Others concerned with Chinese Linux.

If you want to join us, please send a mail contented(not titled) with subscribe to ldp-trans-request@linux.org.tw For more advanced explanations of this mailing list, please send a mail contented with info to the upper address. If you want to know the usage of mailing list, send a mail contented with help to the same address. If there is any suggestion or suspicion to the mailing list, please write to ldp-trans-approval@linux.org.twĄD

If you are willing to contribute your own power, please join with this mailing list.

10.2 Chinese Linux Project

This is established for a Chinese environment of Linux, originated by cdchen. This is still under the period of setting, waiting for everyone's all efforts.

Homepage of this project is at http://chinese.linux.org.tw/ which is responsible for formal announcements; and it provides discussions of problems, suggestions and criticisms, delivering ourselves of achievements and so forth.

10.3 Chinese websites of Linux

Here are some websites for Chinese Linux information. If you have others not listed here, tell me about that, please.



10.4 Discussed groups of Linux

If you have any problem, you can post you question here, using Chinese is ok, too. However, make sure that this question is still unknown or hasn't answered in related documents or HOWTO, or repeat some FAQs are absolutely not popular with these places.

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