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11. FAQs

11.1 Why Can't I Enter Chinese?

Answer: This question is quite ambiguous, though. I cannot tell which condition that you have met? If you can not enter Chinese on console's shell, refer to the section Chinese Input Problems for detailed.

Or that you cannot enter Chinese in an editor, it is possible that your editor doesn't support Chinese. Please refer to the section Useful Chinese Softwares to install Chinese-supported editors.

If this is matched at the period of telnet, then refer to the section telnet for more explanations.

11.2 I have got the NTU TTF fonts, but how can I decompress it?

Answer: The NTU TFF fonts is compressed with arj format and divided it into several files for the convenience of putting it into floppy disks, causing that decompression is a little trifling. If you want ntu_kai.ttf font, for example, you must take ntu_kai.arj, ntu_kai.a01, ntu_kai.a02, and ntu_kai.a03 home. Assuming that you have an arj tool of DOS version, put these four files altogether under the same directory and invoke this commands to decompress:

C:\> arj x -va -y ntu_kai

If you want to decompress them on Linux, you must use unarj to unarj them one by one, and then use cat to concatenate them together:

# unarj e ntu_kai.arj ; mv ntu_kai.ttf ntu_kai.ttf0
# unarj e ntu_kai.a01 ; mv ntu_kai.ttf ntu_kai.ttf1
# unarj e ntu_kai.a02 ; mv ntu_kai.ttf ntu_kai.ttf2
# unarj e ntu_kai.a03 ; mv ntu_kai.ttf ntu_kai.ttf3
# cat ntu_kai.ttf* > ntu_kai.ttf

11.3 Netscape's title and tag cannot see Chinese?

Answer: To install CXWin will solve this problem. Refer to CXWin for detailed.

11.4 My Netscape cannot see Chinese?

Answer: If you could not see any Chinese on all homepages, then you might probably not install Chinese fonts, or haven't make Netscape settled. Refer to the section Netscape.

But if you can see Chinese on most parts of Chinese homepages, only on some websites could see disturbed codes, then this may not be your private problems. A little websites take Frontpage to generate homepages, and their language encoding is x-x-big5 not general big5.

This wil make all browsers except IE cannot identify this encoding, which just a bad trick adopted by Microsoft to fulfill its ambitions to occupy the market of browsers. To solve this problem, send a mail to the administrator of that site, telling them there are other browsers except IE all over the world. If they want to manage it perpetually, they should correct that unusual encoding to normal one.

Of course, if you have better solutions, please let me know of it.

11.5 How to enter Chinese in Netscape?

Answer: Install xcin+XA. Refer to this section XA.

11.6 What's the difference between ChiTeX and CJK? Can I install them at the same time?


  • The system of Chinese reading and searching of CJK which is independent and efficnet is based on the NFSS of LaTeX.
  • CJK can use Chinese, Japanese, and Korean; and ChiTeX is just for BIG5.
  • CJK can only use on LaTeX while ChiTeX can use on plain TeX and LaTeX .
  • Instructions of ChiTeX are simple and useful.
  • ChiTeX is approaching to real Chinese LaTeX.
  • Difference in functionality...
ChiTeX and CJK should be compatible while installing them at the same system, but if the ttf2pk has the same name for both ChiTeX and CJK, then it could cause certain problems. A solution to this is that define the $PATH variable in each shell script, respectively, to point to the correct locations of ttf2pk. (Thanks to professor Chen Hung-Yih..)

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