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12. Appendix - Chinese Softwares of FTP.IFCSS.ORG

Warnning°GMost pre-compiled Linux executable files are out-of-date and cannot use normally.



software: Phoenix BBS
version : 4.0, 1995.08.31
function: o UNIX platform multi-user BBS system,
          o discussion boards, private email
          o multichannel chat, one-to-one chat
          o Internet Email, News gateway,
          o 0Announce : Gopher-like information query interface.
          o fine tuned to allow more than 256 users on-line
          o configurable menu, screen display
          o Chinese message
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/bbs/PhoenixBBS-4.0.tar.gz
author  : Ji-Tzay Yang, Ming-Feng Chen, Tzung-Yu Wen


software: addpy
version : 1.0
function: To annotate Pinyin to rare Hanzi and a portion of
          randomly selected common Hanzi.  Both GB (simplified) and
          Big5 (traditional) versions.  Based on statistics derived
          from huge Chinese corpus and well prepared hazni-freq-pinyin
          tables.  Source code and raw data provided.
URL     : ftp://ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/c-utils/addpy.tar.gz
filename: README.addpy, b5addpy.l, gbaddpy.l, b5addpy.dat,
          gbaddpy.dat, makefile
author  : Guo Jin 

software: rm4mat
version : n/a
function: remove formating codes for printing in some GB files
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/c-utils/rm4mat.c
author  : Chenghong Wang

software: mail_hxwz
version : 1.1
function: It extracts HXWZ from your mail (Suppose you are subscribing
          it).  It is a Bourne shell program which works on most Unix
          systems.  It can rerun itself every Friday automatically.
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/c-utils/mail_hxwz
author  : Yaoen Zhang

software: auto_get_hxwz
Version : 1.2
Function: It gets the current issue of HXWZ in GB or postscipt format. 
          It also process and print these files, and do the clean up.
          It save your time and server machine time.
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/c-utils/auto_get_hxwz
author  : Yaoen Zhang 

software: Chinese less
version : 290, 1995.5.25
function: Browse BIG5 and GB text files
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/c-utils/cless-290.tar.gz
author  : Paul W. Shew 
comment : requires a chinese terminal, like cxterm.

software: cscreen
version : 3.2b
function: This is a modified screen to minic ETen in cxterm.
          After you run cscreen in cxterm, it will intercept
          every key movement and examine if the current 
          screen postion has a Chinese char. If it has, 
          auto-key movements will be made accordingly.
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/c-utils/cscreen-3.2b.tar.gz
author  : Shih-Kun Huang 

software: ytalk
version : 3.0.2c6
function: ytalk-3.02c provides better compatibility for DEC's 
          workstations, two-byte refresh for terminal like cxterm, and 
          capable of passing character code 254, internally used as erase
          function in ytalk-3.0; Compatible with ytalk-3.0, cytalk-3.0,
          cytalk-3.0.2, ytalk-3.02c0/1/2/3/4/5, that is, you can still use 
          Delete, or Backspace key.  If both ends use ytalk-3.02c4, the code 
          254 is transparent, you can use more Chinese words to talk to 
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/c-utils/ytalk-3.0.2c6.tar.gz
author  : Sze-Yao Ni

software: lunar 
version : 2.1
function: conversion program between Solar and Chinese lunar calendars;
          calculation of birthday in "4-column" astrology as well
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/c-utils/lunar-2.1.tar.gz
author  : Ricky Yeung and Fung Fung Lee
comment : can output GB code, bitmap, or just ASCII

software: DateStar - Chinese Calendar Producer
version : 1.1
function: Displays Chinese and western calendar in
          ASCII code, BIG-5 code (Hongkong, Taiwan),
              GuoBiao code (PRC Standard), and HZ code (Network)
          Prints on two most popular laser printers
              PostScript laser printers, and
              HP LaserJet (PCL) printers
          Generates four different format
              Yearly calendar, Monthly calendar,
              One-page Weekly calendar, and Two-page Weekly calendar
          Shows calendar with 24 Solar Terms (JieQi),
              the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches
              (TianGan DiZhi Eight Characters)
          Supports user defined annotations
          Applicable from year 1841 through to 2060
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/c-utils/datestar-1.1.tar.gz
author  : Youzhen Cheng 
comment : UNIX version works on SUN Workstation with SUN OS 4.1.x
          see /software/dos/c-utils for DOS version

software: pull
version : 2.9, 1996.4.7
function: 1. Extracts the original file(s) from uuencoded/compressed/split
             a) uudecode a file and display the name of its decoded file
             b) decompress .zz (= .gz/.Z/.zip) file
             c) uudecode + decompress
             d) uudecode + cat (concatenate) + gunzip
          2. Packs file. Reverse the above `extracting' process.
             compresses, (splits), then encodes file(s)
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/utils/pull.c.gz 
author  : Yao Li 

software: utf-utils
version : 15 Oct 1993.
function: some utility programs for manipulating Unicode/ISO-10646 text
          in the FSS-UTF encoding.
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/c-utils/utf-utils.tar.gz
author  : Ross Paterson

software: gbfmt      
version : 1.0
function: GB formatting with variable line width, GB<->HZ
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/c-utils/gbformat.tar.gz
author  : Dongxiao Yue (http://www.cs.umn.edu/~dyue/wiihist/gbfmt.html)


software: celvis
version : 1.3
function: vi editor with Chinese handling capabilities.
          Most run on some Chinese terminal, e.g. cxterm, or IBM-PC with
          some kind of Chinese DOS.  Work exactly like Unix vi editor,
          except that it side-scrolls long lines instead of wrapping.
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/editor/celvis.tar.gz
author  : Man-Chi Pong, Yongguang Zhang 
comment : comments, bug-reports, modifications to: c-elvis@cs.purdue.edu

software: Chinese JOE (Joe's Own Editor)
version : 2.8c
function: Chinese BIG5 localized text screen editor.  The key sequences are 
          remeniscent of WordStar and TURBO-PASCAL. Makes full use of 
          termcap/terminfo, is designed to work well over slow networks and 
          low baud rate modems, and has the best features of vi. Most 
          useful for editing unformatted text, such as USENET news articles 
          and for editing block-structured languages such as C and PASCAL.  
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/editor/joe2.8_c.tar.gz
author  : <u8222034@cc.nctu.edu.tw>


software: cn2jp
version : 1.3.2, 1996.4.11
function: code conversion routines for Chinese and Japanese
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/convert/cn2jp1.3.2.tar.gz
author  : Seke Wei

software: ktty
version : 1.3, 1996.4.11
function: This is a kanji terminal translator among Chinese and Japanese.
          It allows online translation of codes so that you can view a
          specific code real time using your Chinese or Japanese terminal.
          It runs on Unix and is derived from the 'hztty' package
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/convert/ktty1.3.tar.gz
author  : Seke Wei

software: code1
version : 1.3, 1996.4.11
function: This is a multilingual file browser for Chinese and Japanese.
          It runs on Unix and allows browsing of files in various codes
          using a Chinese or Japanese terminal.
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/convert/code1.3.tar.gz
author  : Seke Wei

software: HUG program
version : 1.0, 1995.5.20
function: Converting between HZ, Uudecode/uuencode, GB codes
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/convert/shug.osf.zip
author  : Yinrong Huang

software: hztty
version : 2.0 Jan 29, 1994
Function: This program turns a tty session from one encoding to another.
          For example, running hztty on cxterm can allow you to read/write
          Chinese in HZ format, which was not supported by cxterm.
          If you have many applications in different encodings but your
          favor terminal program only supports one, hztty can make life easy.
          For example, hztty can your GB cxterm into a HZ terminal, a
          Unicode (16bit, or UTF8, or UTF7) terminal, or a Big5 terminal.
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/convert/hztty-2.0.tar.gz
author  : Yongguang Zhang

software: EHZ
version : 2.0
function: Conversion among GB/BIG5/CNS and EHZ-BIG5/GB/CNS.
          Patch to hztty to support EHZ-BIG5/GB/CNS.
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/convert/EHZ-2.0.tar.gz
author  : Ricky Yeung
comment : Also contains the EHZ spec and Fung Fung Lee's EHZ-BIG5-CNS spec.

software: b5cns
version : prototype
function: functions to convert Big5 <-> CNS
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/convert/b5cns.tar.gz
author  : Ross Paterson 

software: c2t
version : n/a
function: converts GB or BIG5 coded chinese to _pinyin_
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/convert/c2t.tar.gz
authors : Tommi Kaikkonen and Katya Ta 

software: BeTTY/CCF/B5Encode package
version : 1.534, 1995.03.22
function: a chinese code conversion package for codes widely used
          in Taiwan and the GB code widely used in Mainland, plus
          a 7-bit Big5 encoding method (B5Encode3/B5E3, an extension
          to HZ encoding for GB),
          including off-line converters (CCF/Chinese Code Filters and
          B5E/B5Encode) and an on-line converter (BeTTY) which simulates
          your native chinese terminal to become aware of the coding
          systems widely used in Taiwan and GB, HZ encoding.
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/convert/BeTTY-1.534.tar.gz
author  : Jing-Shin Chang 

software: BeTTY-ws_2fl.p1
version : 1.0 (patch to BeTTY-1.534) Oct. 1995.
function: 1. makes BeTTY respect the window(tty) size.
          2. a second Chinese code converting filter can be added on.
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/convert/BeTTY-ws2fl.p1.tar.gz
author  : Wei Dong 

software: c2gif
version : 0.01, 1995.10.21
function: convert a BIG5 text file to a GIF file
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/convert/c2gif001.tar.gz
author  : Luoh Ren-Shan 

software: gb2jis
version : 1.5, 1995.11.19
function: convert GB (or HZ) to JIS with two-letter pinyin
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/convert/gb2jis.tar.gz
author  : Koichi Yasuoka

software: jis2gb
version : 1.5, 1996.1.10
function: convert JIS to GB (or HZ) 
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/convert/jis2gb.tar.gz
author  : Koichi Yasuoka

software: HZ
version : 2.0
function: convert among GB, HZ and zW
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/convert/HZ-2.0.tar.gz
author  : Fung F. Lee

software: HZ+ specification and conversion utilities
version : 0.77
function: HZ+ is a convenient 7-bit representation of mixed Big5, GB,
          and ASCII text for use in Internet e-mail, news, etc.
          Source code for Big5 <-> HZ+ and GB <-> HZ+ conversion
          utilities is here.  DOS executables can be found in
          another archive, /software/dos/convert/hzp.zip.  New in
          this Unix version is a simple HZ+ terminal program for cxterm
          which allows the user to transparently read HZ+ mail and news.
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/convert/hzp.tar.gz
author  : Stephen G. Simpson

software: hc
version : 3.0 
function: convert between GB and BIG5
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/convert/hc-30.tar.gz
author  : Fung F. Lee and Ricky Yeung

software: Support Table for Hanzi Convert (hc)
version : 1994/05/01
function: Convert table supports the program Hanzi Convert
          (Author  : Fung F. Lee and Ricky Yeung) GB<->Big5.
          Include Russian, number, Japanese, graphing symbols and
          "incorrect" codes. Text file, comments in it.
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/convert/sym-supp.tab
author  : Chi-Ming Tsai

software: pbmbig5
version : 0.01, 1995.11.2
function: convert big5 coded Chinese text file to pbm graphic file
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/convert/pbmbig5-0.01.tar.gz
author  : Wei-Jou Chen

software: UTF utilities
version : 31 May 1994.
function: various utilities for the UTF encoding of Unicode/ISO-10646,
          including conversion from ISO-2022 and (partially) back again.
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/convert/utf.tar.gz
author  : Ross Paterson 

software: utf7
version : prototype, use at your own risk
function: functions to convert between UTF-7 and other codes
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/convert/utf7.tar.gz
author  : Ross Paterson 

software: ISO-2022-CN encoder and decoder
version : beta 960408
function: Convert between CN-GB and CN-CNS codes
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/convert/iso-cn.tgz
author  : handa@etl.go.jp
comment : BIG5 code is not yet supported.


software: gopher2.014c
version : 2.0.14
function: A Chinese localized gopher client capable of 8-bit BIG5 Chinese
          string search on IBM AIX, SUN OS, and any other machines.
          Compatable with any BIG5 Chinese system such as ET and
          cxterm. executable binary for ibm and sun included.
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/networking/gopher2.014c.tar.gz
author  : Hoo-Tung Cheuk (NCTU CIS, Taiwan)

software: Chinese Tin
version : 1.2PL2a
function: tin 1.2PL2 newsreader with English/Big5 message toggle.
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/networking/ctin122a.tar.gz
author  : Shih-Kun Huang

software: NcFTP with chinese message compatible
version : 2.3.0c, 1996.1.17
function: Chinese (BIG5) patch to NcFTP.
          Now it can display any chinese message from ftp server instead 
          of "\xxx".  ANSI color compatible in Line Mode.
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/networking/ncftp-2.3.0.chinese.tgz
author  : NCEMRSoft (orig), Aiken Sam (chinese patch)


software: C2PS 
version : 1.30 Aug 1 1995
function: Translate Big5 coded Chinese document into Level 2 PostScript.
          This is the version for Sparcstation. Using Chinese TrueType fonts,
          you can create the most beautiful document with C2PS.
          This is a DEMO version. You can freely copied and use it.
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/print/c2ps130sos.tar.gz
author  : Hsueh-I Lu 

software: cnprint
version : 2.60  JAN-25-95
function: print GB/Hz/BIG5/JIS/KSC/UTF8 etc or convert to PostScript
          (conforms to EPSF-3.0). Fast.  Multicolumn. Vertical printing.
          Small disk space requirement. "Intelligent" treatment of
          punctuations.  Flexible change of fonts, char size,
          width/height, char and line spaces, paper orientation and
          margins, etc.  Support of European chars.  Special modes for
          printing HXWZ.  See readme for more
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/print/cnprint260.tar.gz
author  : Yidao Cai
comment : v2.60 is also for VMS, use v2.61 for DOS

software: GBscript
version : 1.11
function: Convert GB/ASCII mixed text to PostScript output.
          High print speed (4ppm on LaserWriter NTX).
          Support Adobe-2.1.
          Small PS file size (400K for one HXWZ issue).
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/print/gbscript-1.11.tar.gz
author  : Yan Zhou 

software: gb2ps
version : 2.02
function: convert GB/HZ to postscript, supports simple page formatting
          (change chinese fonts and font size, cover page, page
          number, etc). Five chinese fonts are provided in this
          release, they are Song, Kai, Fang Song, Hei and FanTi  
          The HZ ENCODING is also supported.
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/print/gb2ps.2.02.tar.gz
author  : Wei SUN 

software: news2ps
version : n/a
function: news2ps converts BIG5 to Postscript
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/print/news2ps.c
author  : The Society of HKU Postgraduate on Chinese Affairs
comment : rename chinese.16.new to chinese.16

software: hz2ps
version : 3.1
function: Convert hanzi (GB/BIG5) text to PostScript.
          Use HBF font files.
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/print/hz2ps-3.1.tar.gz
author  : Fung F. Lee 


software: ChiRK
version : 1.2a
function: GB/HZ/BIG5 text viewer on terminals (or emulations) capable
          of displaying Tektronics 401x graphics, such as GraphOn,DEC
          VT240/330, Xterm, Tektool on Sun, EM4105 on PC,
          VersaTerm-Pro on Mac, etc.  
          displays up to 17x40 Chinese characters per screen. works directly 
          under UNIX mail and news programs. Comes with four fonts.
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/viewer/ChiRK-1.2a.tar.gz
author  : Bo Yang 
comment : rename chinese.16.new to chinese.16

software: Cbanner 
version : 1.10, 950821
function: To show Chinese word's banner
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/banner/cbanner1.10.tar.gz
author  : Sheen Cherng-Dar, rewritten by Jonen Liu
comment : requires ETen Big5 Chinese System's fonts.

software: gb2text
version : n/a
function: convert GB to text
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/viewer/gb2text.c
author  : Ding Yijun

software: hzbanner
version : 1.1, Feb 15, 1995
function: Display Song style GuoBiao in large ASCII characters, 
          supports GB2312-80 (^[$A), GB2312-80 + GB8565-88 (^[$(E),
          Chinese-EUC (8-bit Guobiao) CNS Plane 1 & 2, BIG5 and HZ-encoding 
          ( ?∑„??)
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/viewer/hzbanner11.tar.gz
author  : Koichi Yasuoka

software: hzview
version : 3.1
function: Display hanzi (GB/BIG5) text on dumb terminal.
          Use HBF font files. 
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/viewer/hzview-3.1.tar.gz
author  : Fung F. Lee

Software: cnview
Version : 3.1 (UNIX version. DOS version available under /software/dos/viewer)
Function: View GB/Hz/Big5 encoded Chinese text file on * HP-UNIX (X-window) *
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/viewer/cnview.tar.gz
Author  : Jifang Lin

software: readgb
version : n/a
function: convert GB to text 
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/viewer/readgb.c
author  : Yuzhao Lu 
comment : modified from readnews.c

software: readnews
version : n/a
function: readnews converts BIG5 to ascii dot-matrix picture 
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/viewer/readnews.c
author  : The Society of HKU Postgraduate on Chinese Affairs
comment : rename chinese.16.new to chinese.16


software: CCTeach
version : 1.0
function: Chinese Character input method Teacher.
          Help new user to learn CC input and some utility programs
              of "cxterm NewFace" for associate dictionary tool, 
              hotkey tool, WuBi phrase encoder, and converter with 
              ".tit" <==> ".titnf". 
          Based on GB and Big5 (ETen and HongKong).
          Support all input method by external dictionary file. 
          Need cxterm in unix, CC DOS or ZW DOS in PC.
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/input/CCTeach1.0.tar.gz
author  : Xiaokun Zhu 


software: ICCS 1.3
version : 1.3, June 26, 1994
function: Internet Chinese Chess Server
URL     : ifcss.org:/software/unix/misc/iccs-1.3.tar.gz
author  : Xi Chen 
comment : file off-lined due to legal status July 3, 1996. Please contact
          the author Xi Chen at xichen@abel.math.harvard.edu for further info.


software: cdelegate
version : 1.4a, 1996.5.1
function: This is a Chinese patch on DeleGate, a gateway for the WWW services.
          provides code translation between Chinese/Japanese for WWW browsers
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/www/cdelegate1.4.tar.gz
author  : Seke Wei

software: Chinese Lynx
version : 2.5FMc, 1996.7.19
function: Chinese BIG5/GB patch to lynx, a WWW client for vt100 terminals.
          Volunteers needed to continue on the patch. 
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/www/clynx25.zip
author  : Nelson Chin

software: Internet MahJong Server (server + client applet)
version : 0.2beta
function: provides a server and a graphic client for playing MahJong on
          the Internet.
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/unix/www/MJ_dist.tar.gz
author  : Zuwei Thomas Feng 

software: D Series (Chinese Tools, ELF binary)
version : 1.00,  March 25, 1995
function: Binary distribution of various useful Chinese tools:
          Viewers -- cxterm, crxvt; Input server -- xcin; GB,Big5,HZ,B5E3 
          code converters -- ccf, hc, hz2gb, gb2hz, zw2hz, b5decode, 
          b5encode; Print tool -- lunar, ttf2ps; Pseudo tty -- hztty, 
          betty; Various handy scripts, man pages, dictionaries, HBF fonts, 
          xfonts included; chdrv, celvis, elm, sendmail
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/linux/CLinux/CTool/d1
author  : Eric Lin
comment : requires XFree86 3.1+, ELF libraries

software: C Series (Chinese packages for Slackware)
version : N/A
function: The Chinese packages collected by Wei-Jou Chen can be installed by 
          Slackware's setup tools. Basic idea are that we have right to install
          and remove Chinese softwares easily and beginners can play them 
          without much trouble.
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/linux/CLinux/c1/
compiler: CHEN, Wei-Jou

software: MU Series (Mule packages for Slackware)
version : N/A
function: The Multilingual Emacs 2.0 packages for XFree86 2.X and 3.1 
          collected by Shawn Hsiao can be installed by Slackware's setup 
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/linux/CLinux/mu1/
compiler: Shawn Hsiao


software: GNU fileutils-3.9
version : 3.9, 1 August 1994
function: Chinese version of the GNU file utility programs for Linux.
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/linux/c-utils/fileutils-3.9-bin-chinese.tar.gz
author  : Patrick D'Cruze 

software: C2PS 
version : 1.30 Aug 1 1995
function: Translate Big5 coded Chinese document into Level 2 PostScript.
          This is the version for Linux. Using Chinese TrueType fonts, you
          can create the most beautiful Chinese documents with C2PS.
          This is a DEMO version. You can freely copied and use it.
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/linux/chinese_utils/c2ps130lnx.tar.gz
author  : Hsueh-I Lu 


software: ?????? for Linux (promotion version)
version : v2.163
function: PE2-like text editor, special designed for Chinese
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/
agent   : LU, Heman


software: chdrv
version : 1.0.7, 1995.12.20
function: Chinese Terminal Simulator. Does not require X-Windows.
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/linux/tty/chdrv-1.0.7.tar.gz
author  : WANG, Yu-Chung


software: Behavior DTop (for Linux) 
version : 1.4, Beta
function: A full-featured Chinese DeskTop Publishing Software Package
          characterized by object-oriented design for manipulating
          various document objects, including text, tables, graphics,
          equations, images, in an integrated way. Two outline fonts
          are provided in the Beta Version. PostScript output.
          Good as an English DeskTop Publishing Software Package too.
          (See the README's & formated DTop manual files for a long and
          complete list of functions and characteristics). 
URL     : ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/linux/X11R6/dtop1.4/
author  : DTop Development Group

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