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Appendix B. Supported PCMCIA cards

27. Appendix B. Supported PCMCIA cards

These cards are supported by David Hinds' PCMCIA package and this list is taken from his web page ( here).

CardBus cards are listed at the end of each section. At this time, all CardBus drivers should be treated as experimental. Beware that some cards have 16-bit and CardBus versions with very similar names. If the CardBus version is not specifically listed as supported here, then you should not expect it to work.

27.1. Ethernet cards

All other cards use the pcnet_cs driver. Other NE2000-compatible cards that are not on the list are also likely to work with pcnet_cs.

  • 3Com 3c589, 3c589B, 3c589C, 3c589D (3c589_cs)

  • 3Com Megahertz 3CCE589E, 3CXE589D, 3CXE589EC (3c589_cs)

  • Accton EN2212, EN2216 EtherCard (pcnet_cs)

  • Accton SOHO BASIC EN220 (pcnet_cs)

  • Addtron Ethernet (pcnet_cs)

  • AIBrain EPCM-T (pcnet_cs)

  • Allied Telesis CentreCOM CE6001, LA-PCM, LA-PCM V2 (pcnet_cs)

  • AmbiCom AMB8002, AMB8002T (pcnet_cs)

  • AnyCom ECO Ethernet (pcnet_cs)

  • Apollo RE450CT (pcnet_cs)

  • Argosy EN210 (pcnet_cs)

  • Asante FriendlyNet (pcnet_cs) (new cards seem not to work!!)

  • AST 1082 Ethernet (pcnet_cs)

  • Billionton LNT-10TB, LNT-10TN (pcnet_cs)

  • Califormia Access LAN Adapter

  • CeLAN EPCMCIA (pcnet_cs)

  • CNet CN30BC, CN40BC Ethernet (pcnet_cs)

  • Compaq Ethernet Adapter (xirc2ps_cs)

  • Compex/ReadyLINK Ethernet Combo (pcnet_cs)

  • Compex Linkport Ethernet (pcnet_cs)

  • COMPU-SHACK BASEline Ethernet (pcnet_cs)

  • Connectware LANdingGear Adapter (pcnet_cs)

  • Corega Ether PCC-T, PCM-T (pcnet_cs)

  • CyQ've ELA-010 10baseT (pcnet_cs)

  • CONTEC C-NET(PC)C (fmvj18x_cs)

  • Danpex EN-6200P2 Ethernet (pcnet_cs)

  • Datatrek NetCard (pcnet_cs)

  • Dayna Communications CommuniCard E (pcnet_cs)

  • Digital DEPCM-AA, PCP78-AC Ethernet (pcnet_cs)

  • Digital EtherWORKS Turbo Ethernet (pcnet_cs)

  • D-Link DE-650, DE-660 (pcnet_cs)

  • DynaLink L10C Ethernet (pcnet_cs)

  • Eagle NE200 Ethernet (fmvj18x_cs)

  • Edimax Technology Ethernet Combo (pcnet_cs)

  • EFA InfoExpress 205, 207 Combo (pcnet_cs)

  • Eiger Labs EPX-ET10T2 Combo (pcnet_cs)

  • Eiger Labs EPX-10BT, EPX-ET 10BT EPX-ET 10TZ (fmvj18x_cs)

  • ELECOM Laneed LD-CDWA, LD-CDX, LD-CDNIA, LD-CDY, LD-CDF (pcnet_cs)

  • EP-210 Ethernet (pcnet_cs)

  • Epson Ethernet (pcnet_cs)

  • EtherPRIME Ethernet (pcnet_cs)

  • Explorer NE-10000 Ethernet (pcnet_cs)

  • EZLink 4109 Ethernet (pcnet_cs)

  • Farallon Etherwave, EtherMac (3c589_cs)

  • Fiberline FL-4680 (pcnet_cs)

  • Fujitsu FMV-J181, FMV-J182, FMV-J182A, FMV-J183 (fmvj18x_cs)

  • Fujitsu Towa LA501, FMV-1080, FM50N-183 (fmvj18x_cs)

  • Gateway 2000 Ethernet (pcnet_cs)

  • Genius ME3000II Ethernet (pcnet_cs)

  • Grey Cell Ethernet (pcnet_cs)

  • GVC NIC-2000P Ethernet Combo (pcnet_cs)

  • Hitachi HT-4840-11 EtherCard (fmvj18x_cs)

  • Hypertec HyperNet (pcnet_cs)

  • IBM CreditCard Ethernet Adapter (pcnet_cs)

  • IC-Card Ethernet (pcnet_cs)

  • Infotel IN650ct Ethernet (pcnet_cs)

  • I-O Data PCLA/T, PCLA/TE (pcnet_cs)

  • Katron PE-520 Ethernet (pcnet_cs)

  • KingMax Technology EN10-T2 Ethernet (pcnet_cs)

  • Kingston KNE-PCM/M, KNE-PC2, KNE-PC2T (pcnet_cs)

  • KTI PE-520 Plus (pcnet_cs)

  • LANEED LD-CDW Ethernet (pcnet_cs)

  • LanPro EP4000A (pcnet_cs)

  • Lantech Ethernet (pcnet_cs)

  • Level One EPC-0100TB (pcnet_cs)

  • Linksys EtherCard (pcnet_cs)

  • Logitec LPM-LN10T, LPM-LN10BA, LPM-LN20T Ethernet (pcnet_cs)

  • Longshine ShineNet LCS-8534TB Ethernet (pcnet_cs)

  • Macnica ME-1 Ethernet (pcnet_cs)

  • Maxtech PCN2000 Ethernet (pcnet_cs)

  • Megahertz XJ10BT, XJ10BC, CC10BT Ethernet (smc91c92_cs)

  • Melco LPC-TJ, LPC-TS, LPC-T, LPC2-T (pcnet_cs)

  • Microdyne NE4200 Ethernet (pcnet_cs)

  • Midori LANNER LT-PCMT (pcnet_cs)

  • Micronet Etherfast Adapter (pcnet_cs)

  • NDC Instant-Link (pcnet_cs)

  • Network General ``Sniffer'' (pcnet_cs)

  • New Media EtherLAN (nmclan_cs)

  • New Media LanSurfer (pcnet_cs)

  • New Media LiveWire (NOT the LiveWire+) (nmclan_cs)

  • New Media BASICS Ethernet (smc91c92_cs)

  • NextCom NC5310 (fmvj18x_cs)

  • Novell/National NE4100 InfoMover (pcnet_cs)

  • Ositech Four of Diamonds (smc91c92_cs)

  • OvisLink Ethernet (pcnet_cs)

  • Panasonic CF-VEL211P-B (pcnet_cs)

  • Planet SmartCom 2000, 3500, ENW-3501-T, ENW-3502-T (pcnet_cs)

  • Pretec Ethernet (pcnet_cs)

  • PreMax PE-200 Ethernet (pcnet_cs)

  • Proteon Ethernet (pcnet_cs)

  • Ratoc REX-9822, REX-5588A/W, REX-R280 (fmvj18x_cs)

  • Relia RE2408T Ethernet (pcnet_cs)

  • Reliasys 2400A Ethernet (pcnet_cs)

  • RPTI EP400, EP401 Ethernet (pcnet_cs)

  • SCM Ethernet (pcnet_cs)

  • Sky Link Express (pcnet_cs)

  • SMC 8020BT EtherEZ (not the EliteCard) (smc91c92_cs)

  • SMC 8022 EZCard-10 (pcnet_cs)

  • Socket Communications EA LAN Adapter (pcnet_cs)

  • Socket Communications LPE Low Power Ethernet (pcnet_cs)

  • SOHOware Ethernet (pcnet_cs)

  • SuperSocket RE450T (pcnet_cs)

  • Surecom Ethernet (pcnet_cs)

  • SVEC PN605C (pcnet_cs)

  • TDK LAC-CD02x, LAK-CD021, LAK-CD022A, LAK-CD021AX, LAK-CD021BX (fmvj18x_cs)

  • Thomas-Conrad Ethernet (pcnet_cs)

  • Trust Ethernet Combo (pcnet_cs)

  • UNEX NexNIC MA010 (pcnet_cs)

  • Volktek NPL-402CT Ethernet (pcnet_cs)

  • Xircom CreditCard CE2 (xirc2ps_cs)

27.2. Fast Ethernet (10/100baseT) adapters

epic_cb and tulip_cb drivers are experimental and need a 2.2.x or newer kernel

27.4. Wireless network adapters

27.5. ISDN

27.10. Multifunction cards

You should at least have kernel 1.3.73

27.14. Miscellaneous cards

27.15. Working on ...

People are working on the following cards: