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Appendix A. S3 cards supported by XFree86 3.3.x.

26. Appendix A. S3 cards supported by XFree86 3.3.x.

801/805AT&T 20C490 16Actix GE 32 / 32+ 2Mb
    Orchid Fahrenheit 1280(+)
801/805AT&T 20C490ICD2061A16STB PowerGraph X.24
801/805   Del S3 805
    Miro Crystal 8S
    Orchid Fahrenheit VA
805S3 GENDAC 16Miro 10SD VLB/PCI
    SPEA Mirage VLB
801/805SS2410ICD2061A8Diamond Stealth 24 VLB/ISA
801/805AT&T 20C490Ch839116JAX 8231/8241, SPEA Mirage
801/805S3 GENDAC  Miro Crystal 10SD
805i   Actix GE 32i
    ELSA Winner 1000 ISA
928AT&T 20C490 16Actix Ultra
928Sierra SC15025ICD2061A32ELSA Winner 1000 ISA/VLB/EISA
928Bt485ICD2061A32STB Pegasus VL
928Bt485SC1141216SPEA(/V7) Mercury VLB
928Bt485ICD2061A32#9 GXE Level 10/11/12
928Ti3020ICD2061A32#9 GXE Level 14/16
928   928Movie
    Diamond Stealth Pro
    ELSA Winner 1000TwinBus
    ELSA Winner 1000VL
    ELSA Winner 2000
    Miro Crystal 16S
864 ICD2061A Miro Crystal 20SD (BIOS 2.xx)
864AT&T 20C498ICS249432Miro (Crystal) 20SD (BIOS 1.xx)
864AT&T 20C498/ICD2061A/32ELSA Winner 1000 PRO VLB/PCI
864STG1700ICS9161 MIRO 20SD (BIOS 2.x)
    ELAS Winner 1000 PRO
864STG1700ICD2061A32Actix GE 64 VLB
864AT&T 20C498/ICS259516SPEA(/V7) Mirage P64 DRAM (BIOS 3.x)
 AT&T 21C498   
864S3 86C716 SDAC 32ELSA Winner 1000 PRO
    Miro 20SD (BIOS 3.x)
    SPEA Mirage P64 DRAM (BIOS 4.x)
    Diamond Stealth 64 DRAM
    Genoa Phantom 64i
    Miro Crystal 20SD VLB (BIOS 3.xx)
864ICS5342ICS534232Diamond Stealth 64 DRAM (some)
864SDAC  Diamond Stealth 64 Graphics 2001
864AT&T 20C498-13ICD2061A32#9 GXE64 PCI
864   ASUS Video Magic PCI V864
    VidTech FastMax P20

964   ELSA Winner 2000 PRO-2,4
    spider Tarantula 64
964AT&T 20C505ICD2061A32Miro Crystal 20SV PCI/40SV
964Bt485ICD2061A32Diamond Stealth 64
964Bt9485ICS9161A32SPEA Mercury 64
964Ti3020ICD2061A8ELSA Winner 2000 PRO PCI
964Ti3025Ti302532#9 GXE64 Pro VLB/PCI
    Miro Crystal 40SV
964IBM RGB 32Hercules Graphite Terminator 64
868S3 86C716 SDAC 32ELSA Winner 1000AVI
    Miro Crystal 20SD PCI
868AT&T 29C409  ELSA Winner 1000AVI
868   Diamond Stealth Video DRAM
    Diamond Stealth 64 Video 2120/2200
    ELSA Winner 1000PRO/X
    #9 FX Motion 531
    VideoLogic GrafixStar 500
968   Diamond Stealth 64 Video 3200
    ELSA Gloria-4/8
    ELSA Winner 2000AVI
    ELSA Winner 2000PRO/X-2/X-4/X-8
    Genoa VideoBlitz III AV
    Hercules Graphite Terminator Pro 64
    LeadTek WinFast S430
    LeadTek WinFast S510
    Miro Crystal 80SV
    Miro Crystal 20SV
    #9 FX Motion 771
    VideoLogic GrafixStar 700
    WinFast S430/S510
968TVP3026 32ELSA Winner 2000PRO/X
    Diamond Stealth 64 Video VRAM
968IBM RGB 32Genoa VideoBlitz III AVI
    Hercules Terminator Pro 64
    STB Velocity 64 Video
    #9 FX Motion 771
    Diamond Stealth 64 Video 3240/3400
968TI RAMDAC  Diamond Stealth 64 Video 3240/3400
732(Trio32) 32Diamond Stealth 64 DRAM SE
    (all Trio32 based cards)
764(Trio64) 32SPEA Mirage P64 (BIOS 5.x)
    Diamond Stealth 64 DRAM
    Diamond Stealth 64 Graphics 2xx0
    #9 FX Vision 330
    STB PowerGraph 64
    (all Trio64 based cards)

NOTE: for the ViRGE/VX,DX,GX,GX2 chipsets you need XFree86 3.3.1 or newer. You should use the XF86_SVGA server.