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Other hardware

25. Other hardware

25.5. Joysticks

Joystick support is in the latest XFree86 distributions (3.3.x) and in kernel versions 2.1.xx and 2.2.xx. For older kernels the links below are usefull.

Currently supported joysticks are:

  • Amiga joysticks on Amiga

  • CH Flightstick Pro compatibles with additional two hats and two buttons

  • DirectPad Pro parallel port joystick interfaces ( here)

  • FP Gaming Assasin 3D ( here)

  • Gamepads with 6 and 8 buttons

  • Genius Flight2000 Digital F-23 ( here)

  • Gravis Blackhawk Digital ( here)

  • Gravis GamePad Pro ( here)

  • Gravis Xterminator GamePad ( here)

  • Logitech CyberMan 2 ( here)

  • Logitech ThunderPad Digital

  • Logitech WingMan Extreme Digital ( here)

  • MadCatz Panther ( here)

  • MadCatz Panther XL ( here)

  • Microsoft SideWinder 3D Pro ( here)

  • Microsoft SideWinder Force Feedback Pro ( here)

  • Microsoft SideWinder GamePad ( here)

  • Microsoft SideWinder Precision Pro ( here)

  • Multisystem joysticks (Atari, Amiga, Commodore, Amstrad)

  • Multisystem joysticks using hw interface

  • Nintendo Entertainment System (and clone - SVI, Pegasus ...) gamepads

  • PDPI Lightning L4 gamecard ( here)

  • Sega Genesis (MegaDrive) gamepads

  • Sega Master System gamepads

  • Sega Saturn gamepads

  • SNESKey parallel port joystick interfaces

  • Sony PlayStation gamepads

  • Standard joysticks with 2, 3 or 4 axes, and up to 4 buttons

  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System gamepads

  • ThrustMaster FCS compatibles with additional hat

  • ThrustMaster Millenium 3D Inceptor ( here)

  • ThrustMaster Rage 3D ( here)

  • TurboGraFX parallel port joystick interface ( here)

25.6. Video capture boards / Frame Grabbers / TV tuner

A couple of programs are available that support TV tuners. These are:

All cards with Bt848/Bt848a/Bt849/Bt878/Bt879 and normal Composite/S-VHS inputs are supported. Teletext and Intercast support (PAL only) via VBI samples decoding in software.

  • Adlink 7200 Digital I/O device here

  • Adlink 7300A Digital I/O device here

  • CMOS Video Conferencing Kit. The video capture card has a Bt849 chipset. It comes with a CCD camera.

  • Data Translation DT2803

  • Data Translation DT2851 Frame Grabber here

  • Data Translation DT3155 here

  • Diamond DTV2000 (based on Bt848)

  • Dipix XPG1000/FPG/PPMAPA (based on TI C40 DSP). Most add-on cards are supported. here or here. The driver can be found at here

  • Epix SVM

  • Epix Silicon Video MUX series of video frame grabbing boards here

  • FAST Screen Machine II here

  • Hauppage Wincast TV PCI (based on Bt848) here

  • Imaging Technology ITI/IC-PCI here

  • ImageNation Cortex I here

  • ImageNation CX100 here

  • ImageNation PX500 here

  • ImageNation PXC200 here

  • Imaging Technology Inc. IC-PCI frame grabber board here

  • Matrix Vision MV-Delta here

  • Matrox Meteor here

  • Matrox PIP-1024 here

  • MaxiTV/PCI (based on ZR36120) here

  • Miro PCTV (based on Bt848) here

  • MuTech MV1000 PCI here

  • MuTech MV200 here

  • Philips PCA10TV (not in production anymore) here

  • Pinnacle PCTV (based on Bt848)

  • Pro Movie Studio here

  • Quanta WinVision B&W video capture card here

  • Quickcam here

  • Nomadic Technologies Sensus 700 here for common information. Alas, Nomadic Technologies has removed the page about the Sensus 700.

  • Smart Video Recoder III (based on Bt848) here

  • STB TV PCI Television Tuner (based on Bt848) here

  • Tekram C210 (based on ZR36120) here

  • Video Blaster, Rombo Media Pro+ here

  • VT1500 TV cards here

25.7. Digital Camera

Currently there are five programs which can be used in combination with digital cameras.

  • Camediaplay ( here) You can download it from here

  • Photopc ( here) It can be downloaded from here

  • Qvplay ( here) It can be downloaded from here

  • JCAM, a Java application which allows digital camera owners to access and download pictures from a wide variety of popular digital cameras ( here) It can be downloaded from here

  • gPhoto ( here) It can be downloaded from here

Photopc can be extended with a graphical Tk frontend. This can be found at here. Also Qvplay cab be extended with a graphical Tk frontend, which can be found at here

25.7.1. Supported

  • Agfa ePhoto line of cameras (photopc, camediaplay, JCAM)

  • Apple QuickTake 200 (JCAM)

  • Casio QV10, QV-10A, QV-11, QV-30, QV-70, QV-100, QV-200, QV-300, QV-700, QV-770 (qvplay) here

  • Casio QV-10A, QV-11, QV-30, QV-70, QV-100, QV-300, QV-700, QV-770 (JCAM)

  • Chinon ES-1000 (same hardware, protocol and image format as Kodak DC20) (JCAM) here

  • Epson "Colorio Photo" CP-100 (PhotoPC) (photopc, camediaplay) here

  • Epson "Colorio Photo" CP-200 (PhotoPC 500) (photopc, camediaplay, JCAM) here

  • Epson "Colorio Photo" CP-200 (PhotoPC 550) (JCAM)

  • Epson "Colorio Photo" CP-500 (PhotoPC 600) (photopc, camediaplay, JCAM) here

  • Epson "Colorio Photo" CP-500 (PhotoPC 700) (JCAM)

  • Epson PhotoPC 550 (photopc, camediaplay) here

  • Fuji DS-7, DX-5 (DS-10), DX-7 (DS-20), DX-9 (DS-30), DS-300, MX-700 (JCAM)

  • HP Photo Smart Digital Camera (Some people say it is supported, others say it isn't !!??)

  • Kodak DC-20, DC-25, DC-200/210 (JCAM) here

  • Olympus C-300L, C-320L, C-420L, C-800L, C-840L, C-1000L, C-1400L (JCAM) here

  • Olympus "Camedia" C-400L (D-200L) (photopc, camediaplay, JCAM) here

  • Olympus "Camedia" C-820L (D-320L) (photopc, camediaplay, JCAM) here

  • Olympus C2000Z (photocd)

  • Sanyo VPC-G200/G200EX (photopc, camediaplay) here

  • Sanyo DSC-V1 (VPC-G200E) (photopc, camediaplay) here

  • Sanyo DSC-X1 (VPC-X300) (JCAM)

  • Sanyo DSC-X300 (photopc, camediaplay) here

  • Nikon Coolpix 600/900 (Coolpix 600 untested) (photopc) here and here

  • Sierra Imaging SD640 (photopc) here

  • Toshiba PDR-2 (not sure: photopc) here

25.8. UPS

Various other UPS's are supported, read the UPS HOWTO

  • APC SmartUPS here

  • APC-BackUPS 400/600, APC-SmartUPS SU700/1400RM here

  • Fenton PowerPal here for downloads and manuals. Web site information can be found at here

  • Fenton Tele-UPS here for downloads and manuals. Web site information can be found at here

  • Fenton PowerOn here for downloads and manuals. Web site information can be found at here

  • UPS's with RS-232 monitoring port (genpower package) here

  • MGE UPS's here and here

  • A daemon to shut down and up computers connected to ups's. It's network aware and allows server- and client-mode here

25.11. Watchdog timer interfaces