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5. What do you need ?

  • A Personal Computer, laptop or desktop, called the target computer or simply target.

  • A 3 1/4" inch floppy drive on the target.

  • Two or three fresh floppies. They don't need to be formatted. You also need one more DOS formatted floppy if you have to play with FIPS.

  • Another computer with a cdrom drive and nfs services, called source computer or simply source. It doesn't have to be a Linux system but just a system which can export a cdrom drive via nfs. In this HOWTO, I assume it is a Linux system.

  • A cdrom distribution. I took a Debian Hamm (2.0r3) from an old Infomagic compilation. I think every distribution can be installed this way, but I'm not sure. I've read a French document, written by Chmouel Boudjnah, saying the RedHat distribution has an easy installation process. Chmouel's document also deals with the Debian distribution, so if you read French, you can use Chmouel's document instead of this one.

  • A Null-Modem DB 25 cable. Is it the same as a serial cable? You'll find the answer in the next release.

  • Some time: 3 hours.

  • Coffee. 1 liter.

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