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6. The documentation

I recommend these good readings in case you can't figure out how to solve a problem. I've read them. You should too if you're curious or conscientious.

Please, do not forget to consider the LDP mirrors, listed at:

Most HOWTOs are translated in many languages. Just go to the bottom of a mirror page and follow the translations/ link.

If you want to use Linux on a laptop, read the latest Linux-Mobile-Guide, by Werner Heuser, located at:

If you haven't installed any distribution yet, carefully read the Installation-HOWTO, by Eric S. Raymond, located at:
http://www.linuxdoc.org/HOWTO/Installation-HOWTO/. And make more coffee :-)

If you need information about your cdrom drive, read the CDROM-HOWTO, by Jeff Tranter, located at:

If you haven't installed an nfs server yet, read the NFS-HOWTO, by Nicolai Langfeldt, located at:

If you need to compile a new kernel on the source box, read the Kernel-HOWTO, by Brian Ward, located at:

If you are new to PLIP, read the PLIP MINI-HOWTO, by Andrea Controzzi, located at:

If you plan to make your Null-Modem cable yourself, a good reading is the file PLIP.txt, by Donald Becker, located at:
on your source linux computer, Luke. Alternatively, read my notes in section "Building your own cable".

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