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Am-utils - 4.4BSD Automounter Utilities

Am-utils, the 4.4BSD automounter An automounter maintains a cache of mounted filesystems. Filesystems are mounted on demand when they are first referenced, and unmounted after a period of inactivity . This manual documents the use of the 4.4BSD automounter tool suite, which includes Amd, Amq, Hlfsd, and other programs. This is primarily a reference manual. While no tutorial exists, there are examples available.

The conserver web page
Fdutils FAQ

Frequently asked question about the Linux floppy driver.
Linux 2.4 Packet Filtering HOWTO

This document describes how to use iptables to filter out bad packets for the 2.4 Linux kernels.
Linux System Administrators' Guide

A guide book for novice Linux system administrators.
MySQL Server Documentation

This is the documentation for the MySQL database server.
Network Time Protocol

The Network Time Protocol (NTP) is used to synchronize the time of a computer client or server to another server or reference time source, such as a radio or satellite receiver or modem. It provides client accuracies typically within a millisecond on LANs and up to a few tens of milliseconds on WANs.
Panel Basics

The GNOME Panel is the heart of the GNOME user interface and acts as a repository for the Main Menu, user menus, application launchers, applets (applications which run entirely within the panel), drawers, and several special objects.
Reporting GNOME bugs and other feedback

If you have found a bug in one of GNOME applications, please report it!
Session Properties

Session Properties monitors the state of current GNOME running applications and capplets.
Tasklist Applet

Display a table showing windowed applications running on your computer.
The Debconf Programmer's Tutorial

Step-by-step tutorial for making Debian packages use debconf.
The GNU Accounting utilities

The GNU accounting utilities `ac', `accton', `last', `lastcomm', and `sa' add login and process accounting support to Debian GNU/Linux. `Login accounting' provides summaries of system resource usage based on connect time, and `process accounting' provides summaries based on the commands executed on the system.
The GNU time Command

The GNU 'time' command runs another program, then displays information about the resources used by that program, collected by the system while the program was running. You can select which information is reported and the format in which it is shown, or have `time' save the information in a file instead of display it on the screen.
The Linux Console Tools

A set of programs to manipulate the keyboard, the text console, and the console font
XFree86 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This document is intended to provide answers to the questions most often received by the XFree86[tm] Project's support team (which can be reached at
cracklib2 - a pro-active password checker library

cracklib is a library containing a C function which may be used in a passwd like program. The idea is simple: try to prevent users from choosing passwords that could be guessed by crack by filtering them out, at source. cracklib is NOT a replacement passwd program. cracklib is a LIBRARY.
cracklib2 - utilities

Run-time support programs which use the shared library in cracklib2 including programs to build the password dictionary databases used by the functions in the shared library.
dpkg Internals Guide

This manual describes the internal structure of the dpkg package management system.

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