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GRUB Manual: GRUB Manual
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GRUB Manual

This is the documentation of GNU GRUB, the GRand Unified Bootloader, a flexible and powerful boot loader program for PCs.

This edition documents version 0.91.

1. Introduction to GRUB  Capturing the spirit of GRUB
2. Naming convention  Names of your drives in GRUB
3. Installation  Installing GRUB on your drive
4. Booting  How to boot different operating systems
5. Configuration  Writing your own configuration file
6. Downloading OS images from a network  
7. Using GRUB via a serial line  
8. Embedding a configuration file into GRUB  
9. Protecting your computer from cracking  Improving the security
10. GRUB image files  
11. Filesystem syntax and semantics  
12. GRUB's user interface  The menu and the command-line
13. The list of available commands  The list of available builtin commands
14. Error messages reported by GRUB  Error messages produced by GRUB
15. Invoking the grub shell  How to use the grub shell
16. Invoking grub-install  How to use the GRUB installer
17. Invoking grub-md5-crypt  How to generate a cryptic password
18. Invoking mbchk  How to use the Multiboot checker
A. Frequently asked questions  
B. How to obtain and build GRUB  
C. Reporting bugs  Where you should send a bug report
D. Where GRUB will go  Some future plans on GRUB
E. Hacking GRUB  

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