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GRUB Manual: Footnotes
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chain-load is the mechanism for loading unsupported operating systems by loading another boot loader. It is typically used for loading DOS or Windows.


There are a few pathological cases where loading a very badly organized ELF kernel might take longer, but in practice this never happen.


The LInux LOader, a boot loader that everybody uses, but nobody likes.


Note that GRUB's root device doesn't necessarily mean your OS's root partition; if you need to specify a root partition for your OS, add the argument into the command kernel.


This is not necessary for most of the modern operating systems.


RARP is deprecated, since it cannot serve much information


However, this behavior will be changed in the future version, in a user-invisible way.


The latter feature has not been implemented yet.


They're loaded the same way, so we will refer to the Stage 1.5 as a Stage 2 from now on.


I can't imagine why you want to do such a thing, though

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