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D Contributed Programs

Many users of MySQL have contributed very useful support tools and add-ons.

A list of what is available at http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Contrib/ (or any mirror) is shown below. If you want to build MySQL support for the Perl DBI/DBD interface, you should fetch the Data-Dumper, DBI, and Msql-Mysql-modules files and install them. See section M.2 Perl Installation Comments.

D.1 APIs

D.2 Clients

  • Graphical clients
    • DbVisualizer. Freeware JDBC client to graphically visualize the data and structure of several databases simultaneously. By Innovative-IT Development AB.
    • MySQLGUI The MySQL GUI client homepage. By Sinisa at MySQL AB.
    • MySQL navigator 0.9 MySQL Navigator is a MySQL database server GUI client program. The purpose of MySQL Navigator is to provide a useful client interface to MySQL database servers, whilst supporting multiple operating systems and languages. You can currently import/export database, enter queries, get result sets, edit scripts, run scripts, add, alter, and delete users, and retrieve client and server information. Uses QT 2.2. GPL Home page for MySQL Navigator.
    • MySQL Security GUI A user and security management GUI for MySQL on Windows. By Martin Jeremic. Home page for MySQL Security GUI.
    • kmysqladmin-0.4.1.tar.gz.
    • kmysqladmin-0.4.1-1.src.rpm.
    • kmysqladmin-0.4.1-1.i386.rpm An administration tool for the MySQL server using QT / KDE. Tested only on Linux.
    • Java client using Swing By Fredy Fischer, se-afs@dial.eunet.ch. You can always find the latest version here.
    • MySQL-Maker 1.0. Shareware MySQL client for Windows. It's a WYSIWYG tool which allows you to create, change and delete databases and tables. You can change field - structure and add, change and delete data in these tables directly without ODBC-driver. MySQL Maker homepage
    • mysqlwinadmn.zip Windows GUI (binary only) to administrate a database, by David B. Mansel, david@zhadum.org.
    • MyQA is a Linux-based query client for the MySQL database server. MyQA lets you enter SQL queries, execute them, and view the results, all in a graphical user interface. The GUI is roughly similar to that of the 'Query Analyzer' client that comes with MS SQL Server.
    • MySQL Manager a graphical MySQL server manager for MySQL server written in Java, for Windows
    • netadmin.zip An administrator tool for MySQL on Windows 95/98 and Windows NT 4.0. Only tested with MySQL Versions 3.23.5 - 3.23.7. Written using the Tmysql components. You can write queries and show tables, indexes, table syntax, and administrate user, host, and database and so on. This is beta and still has some bugs. You can test the program with all features. Please send bugs and hints to Marco Suess ms@it-netservice.de. Original URL http://www.it-netservice.de/pages/software/index.html.
    • netadmin2.zip New version of netadmin. See above for details.
    • Atronic's MySQL client for Windows Home page for this can be found at: http://www.artronic.hr.
    • mysqlfront Home page: http://www.mysqlfront.de/. Win32-Client for accessing and managing dbs, tables, table-data, indexes, import-/export-files. (Freeware). By Ansgar Becker.
    • Utility from Artronic to stop MySQL on win9x.
    • a light weight GUI client for Windows.
    • Dbtools A tool to manage MySQL databases. Currently only for Windows. Some features:
      • Manage servers, databases, tables, columns, indexes, and users
      • Import wizard to import structure and data from MS Access, MS Excel, Dbase, FoxPro, Paradox, and ODBC Databases.
      • KMYENG113.zip An administrator GUI for MySQL. Works only on windows, no source. Available in English and Japanese. By Mitunobu Kaneko. Home page: http://sql.jnts.ne.jp/
    • xmysqladmin-1.0.tar.gz An X-based front end to the MySQL database engine. It allows reloads, status check, process control, myisamchk, grant/revoke privileges, creating databases, dropping databases, create, alter, browse, and drop tables. Originally by Gilbert Therrien, gilbert@ican.net but now in public domain and supported by MySQL AB.
    • xmysql-1.9.tar.gz.
    • xmysql home page A front end to the MySQL database engine. It allows for simple queries and table maintenance, as well as batch queries. By Rick Mehalick, dblhack@wt.net. Requires xforms 0.88 to work.
    • dbMetrix An open source client for exploring databases and executing SQL. Supports MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and mSQL.
    • GtkSQL A query tool for MySQL and PostgreSQL.
    • dbMan A query tool written in Perl. Uses DBI and Tk.
    • Mascon 202
    • Free Mascon 202 Mascon is a powerful Win32 GUI for the administering MySQL server databases. Mascon's features include visual table design, connections to multiple servers, data and blob editing of tables, security setting, SQL color coding, dump functionality and much more. Mascon home page.
    • DBUI DBUI is a Gtk graphical database editor.
    • MacSQL GUI for MySQL, ODBC, and JDBC databases for the Mac OS.
    • JRetriever JRetriever is a generic database front-end tool for JDBC compliant databases written with Java 2. JRetriever displays database tables/views in a Windows explorer-like front end. Users can retrieve data either by clicking on the table folder or by composing their own SQL statements with our built-in SQL editor. The tool has been tested with Oracle 8 and MySQL as the back-end databases. It requires JDK 1.3 from JavaSoft.
    • DataBrowser The DataBrowser is a cross-database, cross-platform data access tool. It is more user friendly than tools like SQL Plus, psql (command line based tools). It is more flexible than TOAD, ISQL, PGAccess which are GUI's that are limitied to a single platform or database.
    • SQLC The SQL Console is a standalone java application that allows you to connect to a SQL database system and issue SQL queries and updates. It has an easy-to use graphical user interface. The SQL Console uses JDBC to connect to the database systems and, therefore, with proper JDBC drivers, you can use this utility to connect to some of the most popular database systems.
    • MySQL MMC MySQL MMC is a GUI Management Tool developed using kdevelop with a very good interface completely like Microsoft Enterprise Tool (for SQL Server) or Sybase Central. We can use it to manage server, database, table, index, users and to edit table data in grid or execute Sql by Query Analysis.
  • Web Clients
  • mysql-editor.tar.gz This cgi scripts in Perl enables you to edit content of Mysql database. By Tomas Zeman.
  • FutureSQL Web Database Administration Tool. FutureSQL by Peter F. Brown, is a free, open source rapid application development Web database administration tool, written in Perl, using MySQL. It uses DBI:DBD and CGI.pm. FutureSQL allows one to easily set up config files to view, edit, delete, and otherwise process records from a MySQL database. It uses a data dictionary, configuration files and templates, and allows "pre-processing" and "post-processing" on both fields, records, and operations.

D.3 Web Tools

D.4 Performance Benchmarking Tools

  • super-smack Multi-threaded benchmarking tool for MySQL and PostgreSQL. Written in C++. Easy to extend to support other databases that have C/C++ client libraries. By Sasha Pachev.

D.5 Authentication Tools

D.6 Converters

  • mssql2mysql.txt Converter from MS-SQL to MySQL. By Michael Kofler. mssql2mysql home page.
  • dbf2mysql-1.14.tar.gz Convert between `.dbf' files and MySQL tables. By Maarten Boekhold (boekhold@cindy.et.tudelft.nl), William Volkman, and Michael Widenius. This converter includes rudimentary read-only support for MEMO fields.
  • dbf2mysql-1.13.tgz Convert between `.dbf' files and MySQL tables. By Maarten Boekhold, boekhold@cindy.et.tudelft.nl, and Michael Widenius. This converter can't handle MEMO fields.
  • dbf2mysql.zip Convert between FoxPro `.dbf' files and MySQL tables on Windows. By Alexander Eltsyn, ae@nica.ru or ae@usa.net.
  • dbf2sql.zip Short and simple prg that can help you transport your data from foxpro table into MySQL table. By Danko Josic.
  • dump2h-1.20.gz Convert from mysqldump output to a C header file. By Harry Brueckner, brueckner@mail.respublica.de.
  • exportsql.txt A script that is similar to access_to_mysql.txt, except that this one is fully configurable, has better type conversion (including detection of TIMESTAMP fields), provides warnings and suggestions while converting, quotes all special characters in text and binary data, and so on. It will also convert to mSQL v1 and v2, and is free of charge for anyone. See http://www.cynergi.net/exportsql/ for the latest version. By Pedro Freire, support@cynergi.net. NOTE: Doesn't work with Access2!
  • access_to_mysql.txt Paste this function into an Access module of a database that has the tables you want to export. See also exportsql. By Brian Andrews. NOTE: Doesn't work with Access2!
  • importsql.txt A script that does the exact reverse of exportsql.txt. That is, it imports data from MySQL into an Access database via ODBC. This is very handy when combined with exportsql, because it lets you use Access for all DB design and administration, and synchronize with your actual MySQL server either way. Free of charge. See http://www.netdive.com/freebies/importsql/ for any updates. Created by Laurent Bossavit of NetDIVE. NOTE: Doesn't work with Access2!
  • mdb2sql.bas Converter from Access97 to MySQL by Moshe Gurvich.
  • msql2mysqlWrapper 1.0 A C wrapper from mSQL to MySQL. By alfred@sb.net
  • sqlconv.pl A simple script that can be used to copy fields from one MySQL table to another in bulk. Basically, you can run mysqldump and pipe it to the sqlconv.pl script. The script will parse through the mysqldump output and will rearrange the fields so they can be inserted into a new table. An example is when you want to create a new table for a different site you are working on, but the table is just a bit different (that is - fields in different order, etc.). By Steve Shreeve.
  • oracledump Perl program to convert Oracle databases to MySQL. Has same output format as mysqldump. By Johan Andersson.
  • excel2mysql.pl Perl program to import Excel spreadsheets into a MySQL database. By Stephen Hurd shurd@sk.sympatico.ca
  • T2S_100.ZIP. Windows program to convert text files to MySQL databases. By Asaf Azulay.

D.7 Using MySQL with Other Products

  • emacs-sql-mode.tar.gz Raw port of a SQL mode for XEmacs. Supports completion. Original by Peter D. Pezaris pez@atlantic2.sbi.com and partial MySQL port by David Axmark.
  • MyAccess97 1.4.
  • MyAccess2000 1.4. MyAccess is an AddIn for MS Access 97/2000 that allows you to manage MySQL databases from within Access. Main functions are:
    • Create/Modify Tables
    • Execute Queries against MySQL
    • Extract ''Create Table-Scripts'' from MySQL
    • Import/Export tables from Access to MySQL and vice versa
    • Log Changes
    • Show a "Database Definition Report
    Written by Hubertus Hiden. MyAccess homepage.
  • radius-0.3.tar.gz Patches for radiusd to make it support MySQL. By Wim Bonis, bonis@kiss.de.

D.8 Useful Tools

D.9 RPMs for Common Tools (Most Are for RedHat 6.1)

D.10 Useful Functions

  • mysnprintf.c sprintf() function for SQL queries that can escape blobs. By Chunhua Liu.

D.11 Windows programs

  • LaunchMySQL.zip The program launches the MySQL server, shuts it down, and display status information. By Bill Thompson

D.12 Uncategorized

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