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C MySQL customer usage

The section 'Some MySQL Users' contains a lot of different links to MySQL users but doesn't provide that much information about how they are using MySQL. See section B Some MySQL Users. This manual section is to give you an idea of how other MySQL users are using MySQL to solve their problems.

This manual section is very new and we plan to add more stories here shortly. If you are interested in contributing of how you use MySQL in a unique environment or have success store about how you use MySQL, you can write to docs@mysql.com with subject Success:. Note that as we are very busy it may take some time before you get some feedback for your story.

  • Peter Zaitsev of Spylog.ru writes: I think you might be interested in my database size. The whole database is currently on 15 servers and I think it's about 60.000 of tables containing about of rows. My mostly loaded server currently holds about 10.000 of tables with of rows in it. Hugest tables have about 50.000.000 of rows, and this value will raise as soon as I'll move to 2.4 kernel with large files. Currently I have to delete much of logs for large sites to hold table sizes in 2Gb.
  • Texas Instruments is using MySQL for handling tables that contain up to 2,000 million rows in a validation regression database.

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