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The TeX Catalogue Online, CTAN Edition
The TeX Catalogue Online

Graham Williams
CSIRO Australia

CTAN Edition

Welcome to The TeX Catalogue Online, CTAN Edition, listing over 1200 TeX, LaTeX, and related packages and tools. Most are available online from CTAN, the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network.

  • You can Search the Catalogue and other CTAN related material, courtesy of Jim Hefferon.
  • The Home Edition is a "stand-alone" version of the Catalogue.
  • The Alphabetic Index (80K) lists the name of each entry with a link to the full entry.
  • The Brief Index (300K) has a short description of each entry and a link to the full entry.
  • The Hierarchical Index (200K) is based on the CTAN hierarchy with links to full entries.
  • The Full Catalogue (1.5MB) is the complete catalogue as a single file.

See the CTAN License Information Web page for information on licenses.

The TeX Catalogue Online is also available from any CTAN node or mirror, including the following. Pick one that is close to you. (The "search" link attempts to find a CTAN node that may be close to you. Multiple clicks may find alternatives. Courtesy of Randy Kobes.)


Icons associated with many entries in the catalogue allow you to:

  • CTAN view the directory on the local CTAN node
  • Documentation view documentation (possibly many)
  • PDF view documentation in PDF format (requires acroread plugin)
  • Home jump to the package's home page
  • Download download a gzip'd tar file from a nearby CTAN node

Other icons simply provide further information about the package:

The file CTAN:README.structure describes the purpose of each top level directory.

The catalogue was originially maintained as a BibTeX database. It has now migrated to XML using XSL style sheets to generate the various formatted versions of the catalogue. Individual entries for the Catalogue are maintained in CTAN:help/Catalogue/entries. A single XML catalogue is available from here. The appropriate DTD is in catalogue.dtd or generically at my Home Web.

The catalogue is regularly updated. There are bound to be errors in the catalogue. If you come across any, or have comments, enhancements, and additions, please send them to me at Graham.Williams@cmis.csiro.au. Currently the Catalogue entries are maintained manually by me through email requests. A Web page is being set up to allow authors to update their Catalogue entries as they submit to CTAN.

The catalogue has evolved over quite a few years. Thanks to many who have contributed entries and ideas. In particular, Piet van Oostrum supplied quite a few one line descriptions and Sebastian Rahtz has added many entries for the TUG TeX Live CDROM. Robin Fairbains and Barbara Beeton have provided various updates and suggestions. Stanislaw Wawrykiewicz maintains many of the Polish entries from GUST. Randy Kobes contributed code and ideas for the alphabetic and hierachical editions and maintains and runs the extremely useful CGI script used to locate a nearby CTAN node. Jim Hefferon implemented and maintains the Catalogue search facility.

Other sources of information about TeX and LaTeX can be obtained from the TeX Users Group.

This compilation Copyright © Graham J. Williams. Last modified Friday, 18 May 2001, 21:17.